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Cambridge University engineers have developed an automotive intelligent system that can automatically diagnose the parts to be repaired with sensors

it is reported that the engineers of Cambridge University in the UK have demonstrated an intelligent system, which can detect the friction force through the pressure sensor in the near future and finally transmit it to the computer for data processing and drawing the friction coefficient curve, so that the automobile can automatically diagnose the parts to be repaired. Using electronic tracking equipment installed in its engine, the specially modified Fiat prototype displayed at the European technology exhibition can tell the auto repairman the status of its parts in seconds

the system was jointly designed by a number of academics from the manufacturing Institute of the College of engineering. With the cooperation of some sophisticated software, it can be used to speed up vehicle maintenance and identify which parts can be recycled or reused when the vehicle is about to be scrapped. Integrating such information from many vehicles can diagnose which parts of a car need to be redesigned

at present, defective cars can only be placed in the showroom. This technology will reduce the occurrence of this situation. It can quickly identify which vehicles need to be recalled before the vehicle goes on the road. Every car's engine will be labeled with radio frequency identification (RFID) tags, and each tag has its unique identification number. Then, the car drove at low speed over a one meter square maintenance station equipped with UHF card reader and four antennas

when the car passes the maintenance desk, the card reader will transmit the identification number of the car electronic equipment to the computer. By exchanging information with the computer database, for example, displaying the production date and manufacturer of the parts, the mechanic can diagnose which parts of the car need more information by clicking the mouse: main products of Shandong Sida high tech mechanical equipment Co., Ltd.: friction and wear testing machine, electronic/hydraulic universal testing machine/tensile testing machine/fatigue testing machine/change testing machine, wear inspection shall be carried out

Professor Duncan McFarland from the manufacturing Institute of Cambridge University said: "Eventually, the goal will be achieved, that is, when the driver drives into the garage and passes the same sensor, it can immediately tell the driver and repairman which parts of the car need to be replaced and which parts can continue to drive thousands of miles. But the potential advantages are far more than that. For example, when the car is about to be scrapped, RFID tags can also be used to identify which parts of the car. 2. Relative humidity ≤ 80% It still has effective service life. The system will tell car manufacturers whether disassembled parts can be reused, recycled or buried. It can also indicate which components need to be treated for life extension. "

this technical demonstration is only part of the EU funded project called "intelligent embedded system to promote product life cycle management and information tracking". The plan is usually abbreviated as "promise". Researchers have demonstrated the system at the Fiat research center in Turin. Professor mcfarlan added: "the smart embedded system that promotes product life cycle management and information tracking has broader development potential. When consumers buy goods, the system can help us track and update the information of any goods until the end of their useful life. At that time, it may be used to identify all products, components, and even aircraft luggage and boarding passes."

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