Calm liquid epoxy resin Market in North China

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The liquid epoxy resin Market in North China is calm

North China East Light Company has launched an all-round mobilization, inventory and rectification of safety and environmental protection quality to strengthen the foundation and strengthen the foundation. The liquid epoxy resin in the region runs smoothly. The mainstream negotiation level of E-51 (618) is about 27800 yuan/ton, and the "accuracy" of control is determined by the hardware and electrical control. The mainstream transaction price of E-44 (6101) is about 27000 yuan/ton. Due to the buyer's stock before the festival, The market opening after the festival has not yet shown the intention to pick up the goods, the procurement enthusiasm is general, and the actual transaction is slightly cold. Most market people pay close attention to the price trend of raw materials and have a significant wait-and-see mentality

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