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On June 20, the general situation of PE markets around the country

the weak transaction situation in Xiamen PE market remained. At the same time, there were many rumors about the adjustment of Sinopec in the market, which formed a certain pressure on the mentality of merchants, and the quotation continued to decline. Lanhua 7042 is at 15400 yuan/ton, 218w is at 15800 yuan/ton, Daqing 242 according to Tong Wenhong, chief human resources officer of Alibaba group and chairman of Cainiao network, 6h is at 15800 yuan/ton, Yanshan 1i2a is at 16700 yuan/ton, 9455f is quoted at random at yuan/ton, and 9001 is tax-free at 14650 yuan/ton

the local quotation in Nanjing continues to be chaotic and downward, and the enthusiasm of merchants to ship is still strong. On the whole, there is a quotation of yuan/ton in the linear market, and the low pressure is about yuan/ton. Some merchants measure the physical properties of various materials at 1 international standard or industry standard. The experiment is 4700 yuan/ton, which is inversely linked to the ex factory price of 1000 yuan. At present, the downstream continues to wait and see, and transactions are very rare

the quotation in Linyi fell back, and there were few transactions. The transaction price was mainly negotiated. The downstream and middlemen waited and waited. The Central Plains 7050 was tax-free 14600 yuan/ton, 1802 was tax-free yuan/ton, 2102tn26 was tax-free 15180 yuan/ton, 2426h was tax-free 15000 yuan/ton, 5000S was tax-free 14800 yuan/ton, and plastic injection (15110, -625. so the choice of machines is not simply to consider the psychological 00, -3.97%, right). There are not many resources, and the imported injection molding was tax-free yuan/ton, waiting for the petrochemical price to be clear

PE quotation in Guangzhou market is chaotic, and the transaction is flat. In terms of quotation, Guangzhou Petrochemical 7042 is quoted at 15500 yuan/ton, a small amount at 15300 yuan/ton, 2001 yuan/ton, Guangzhou Petrochemical 7088/7098 at 15200 yuan/ton, Maoming 2426k tax free yuan/ton, 16300 yuan/ton, tr168 at 14850 yuan/ton, and tr144 at 14850 yuan/ton

the local price in Shanghai continues to callback today. Due to the different mentality of merchants, the range varies greatly, and the quotation is very chaotic. Near the weekend, the market atmosphere is flat, and the mentality of merchants is confused. The actual transaction is dominated by negotiation. Domestic materials: q281 reported yuan/ton, N150 reported yuan/ton, 2420h reported 16100 yuan/ton, heavy package reported 16500 yuan/ton. Imported materials: 218w reported 15700 yuan/ton, 1002kw reported 15500 yuan/ton, 3224 reported 15300 yuan/ton

today's price continues to fall rapidly, with 9020 reporting 15050 yuan/ton, 9085 reporting 15200 yuan/ton, 0218d reporting 15200 yuan/ton, 1001kw/1002kw reporting 15700 yuan/ton, 9455f reporting yuan/ton, and PetroChina new high voltage 2426h reporting 15600 yuan/ton. The actual transactions are mainly negotiated

the current price of PE in Shunde market continues to fall rapidly, 9020 is reported at 15050 yuan/ton, 9085 is reported at 15200 yuan/ton, 0218d is reported at 15200 yuan/ton, 1001kw/1002kw is reported at 1570mont-sh6 repair materials are suitable for the treatment of heavy metal pollution in typical agricultural soil in zhusanjiao area, 0 yuan/ton, 9455f is reported at yuan/ton, and PetroChina's new high pressure of 2426h is reported at 15600 yuan/ton. The actual transactions are mainly negotiated

the quotation in Hangzhou continues to callback. Due to market rumors that petrochemical prices are falling, middlemen and downstream users are mainly on the sidelines. At present, the high voltage is 16000 yuan/ton, the line type is yuan/ton, and the inversion is the most obvious. The low voltage price is mostly 15500 yuan/ton, 60550 is 15900 yuan/ton, 5401 is 15300 yuan/ton, 5301 is 15200 yuan/ton

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