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A list of paper commodity information in the third quarter of 2012

Guangdong printing enterprises may see a new round of bankruptcy in the second half of the year

due to the slow sales in the domestic market, the gradual reduction of exports and imports, and the increase of labor costs, some small and medium-sized printing enterprises will face a new round of bankruptcy in the second half of the year

Ningbo plans to eliminate the backward production capacity of 14 industrial industries such as papermaking

the Ningbo municipal government issued the notice on Issuing the target plan of eliminating the backward production capacity of the city in 2012. The special action to eliminate backward production capacity, involving 472 enterprises, will be completed by November this year

Guangxi Liuzhou builds a Southwest Forest Products Trade Center

Liuzhou has 9 leading enterprises of forestry industrialization in the autonomous region, such as Guangxi Zhiguang Office Furniture Co., Ltd., and 11 leading enterprises of agricultural industrialization in the city, such as Rong'an Huahai Wood Industry Co., Ltd., forming a forest products industry system with wood-based panels, furniture manufacturing, bamboo pulp paper making, forest chemicals, forest by-products, etc, The total output value of forestry in the city has been in the forefront of the region in recent years. Among the more than 1400 forestry enterprises in need, 5 have an output value of more than 100 million yuan

4.3 billion mu of forest land has no choice but for the government to lack the position of paper industry or follow the mistakes of iron ore

China's timber demand is increasing, and the gap will reach 44%, which must be made up by imports. If we do not speed up the construction of artificial forests, we should try our best to realize import substitution, so as to get rid of the situation of being controlled by others. The paper industry will be similar to the situation that iron ore is controlled by foreign giants

forest paper integration is the key to the merger of meimeng paper industry.

the idea of forest paper integration has been proposed for more than 20 years that the design gap reserved for component solidification and metal replacement can reduce noise, vibration and harshness (NVH), which is still a beautiful dream; The development of market competition in the paper industry has reached the stage of elimination, integration and reorganization. How to improve the internal core competitiveness of enterprises and become the final winner in this tragic elimination competition will be an urgent problem for paper business owners to consider in the next 2-3 years

the World Packaging Center settled in Hangzhou, implemented the high-end talent training plan of new materials, and led the building of a large platform for the packaging industry

on July 8, 2012, the world packaging center was officially settled in China, which will make a contribution to the competitiveness of made in Zhejiang and even made in China

Guangxi Nongken sugar industry makes a sugarcane sweet from beginning to end

recently, the commencement ceremony of five major projects of Guangxi rum project was grandly held in Guangxi Nongken Changling Sugar Co., Ltd. Sugar companies fill the gap of Guangxi Agricultural Reclamation without large-scale papermaking projects

Vietnam's paper industry is facing the United States' anti-dumping investigation

this year, Vietnam's paper products exported to the United States have a great impact on local enterprises because of their low prices, so American paper enterprises will dump Vietnamese paper products

UPM will invest 400 million euros to establish a paper production line in China

UPM group, a fensen industrial enterprise, announced on August 7 that it will invest 400 million euros to build a new paper production line in China. It is expected that the production line will be put into use in 2014

Thai timber traders worry about the EU ban

EU market regulations have prohibited the sale of illegal timber and timber products, including paper products, since March 2012. This decision makes Thai timber enterprises face difficulties

Sun Paper discarded paper from sugar

sun paper issued three announcements on the 16th. 1. Integrate its subsidiaries and consolidate all assets, businesses and liabilities. 2. The registered capital of the first holding subsidiary decreased by US $21.8816 million. 3. The company has found another way to set up a biological research company to engage in the development of xylitol related derivatives, with a capital of 30million yuan

the construction of Jiangxi Yongxiu paper rattan Industrial Park started

the construction of Jiangxi Yongxiu paper rattan Industrial Park project officially started a few days ago. The total investment of the project is 1billion yuan. After completion, 1000 people will be employed in the park, and the annual sales will be 10billion yuan

Dongguan tissue paper product quality sampling inspection many enterprises are unqualified

Guangdong Provincial Bureau of quality and technical supervision reported the results of tissue paper product supervision and spot check on August 21, and the discovery rate of unqualified products is 48.3%. Guangdong Provincial Quality and Technical Supervision said that according to relevant laws and regulations, the unqualified products and related enterprises will be dealt with according to law

422 enterprises with backward papermaking capacity will be eliminated in Sichuan

the Sichuan Industrial Energy Conservation and emission reduction and elimination of backward production capacity work conference will be held in Chengdu. This year, Sichuan Province will complete the task of eliminating backward production capacity involving 25 industries and 422 industrial enterprises

Xinjiang Tianhong paper sold paper for milk

on the 29th, Xinjiang Tianhong plans to replace all assets and liabilities with 89.22% equity of Tianrun technology held by the 12th agricultural division state owned assets company. After the reorganization, the company will change from a paper product company to a dairy product company

the 1.2 million ton special paper project of Jindong paper started

on the morning of September 19, the 1.2 million ton high-grade special paper project of Jindong paper officially broke ground, marking that Jindong, the world's largest coated paper production enterprise, officially entered the field of special paper

silver dove investment increased 320million yuan to the two subsidiaries

silver dove group plans to invest 100million yuan and 220million yuan to participate in Sichuan silver dove bamboo pulp paper industry and Luohe silver dove living paper industry. This share expansion is conducive to reducing the debt ratio of Sichuan silver dove, reducing costs, accelerating project construction, and enhancing profitability

Vida Futures: Coke 1501 fell by 200000 tons in the afternoon, and the household paper project was settled in Longyou County, Zhejiang Province

on September 20, the 200000 tons of high-end household paper and personal care products project invested and constructed by Vida paper industry was signed, and the project was officially settled in Longyou County, Zhejiang Province

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