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A list of the latest foreign anti-counterfeiting technologies

new anti-counterfeiting technologies: presenting hidden images from holograms

relief printing Co., Ltd. introduced a new anti-counterfeiting technology formed by combining electron beam technology (EB) with the anti-counterfeiting technology introduced to the market by the company in 1994. This technology retains the dazzling visual effect of the original technology. When a special simple detector is used to detect it, the secret code image hidden in the hologram is immediately presented in front of you. Images hidden in high-precision images and observed by detection devices can be continuous, multi picture images stored in any position, which is the first in the world, with high anti-counterfeiting effect and easy detection. Hidden images can be made on the linear and striped holographic films that often judge the fracture type of gift certificates, stocks and other securities (intellectual property rights include 7 patent applications)

the "two-color pearl card" anti-counterfeiting ink flashing pearl brilliance

letterpress printing style meeting we should accept, but the wear of the rotor will be more serious. It is no doubt that this kind of product has a certain harm. There is no doubt that the society will develop a "two-color pearl ink", which will produce two colors from different angles, so as to improve the performance of the battery. It can be used in the card design of the financial industry, with the dual characteristics of high-end design sense and strong anti-counterfeiting. Using this technology, cards with the same pattern as the "two-color pearl passbook" that has been sold can be made

the ink has a pearl like luster, and there will be two color changes from different angles. The color changes are divided into three types, namely: from red to green; From blue to beige; From green to beige. The color change is obvious, and the gloss of the ink is also very good. Compared with ordinary pearl ink, the design grade is higher

the "lacsetch" system

Co., Ltd., which combines anti-counterfeiting technology with ecological protection, is also the general agent of Japan's influential companies in the field of paper currency anti-counterfeiting software technology in the world. The company combines anti-counterfeiting and ecological environmental protection, and launched the "lacsetch" system. Its core includes anti-counterfeiting, ecological and environmental protection, and has the characteristics of flexible correspondence. The specific technology is the combination of surface processing (lamination coating) through transfer coating method and anti-counterfeiting line drawing technology. The printing method is flexographic printing

The double and triple combination of holographic film and embossing can be used on the image to prevent counterfeiting. Incidentally, the anti-counterfeiting line diagram design software operates under the window2000 operating system

compared with PP pasting method, this transfer coating method can obtain thinner film, and high gloss and smooth surface can be obtained by using UV coating. Waste is not treated as garbage, but can be recycled as old paper resources. In addition, it also meets the requirements of the food hygiene law

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