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In order to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and promote the healthy development of the paper cup and food packaging industry in our province, the Liaoning Provincial Bureau of quality and technical supervision organized the Liaoning provincial high polymer food packaging product quality supervision and inspection center to conduct supervision and random inspection of paper cups and food packaging products in August according to the 2007 supervision and random inspection plan. Now the relevant information is reported as follows: 1. Basic information

a total of 36 batches of products produced by 28 production enterprises in Shenyang, Dalian, Fushun, Dandong, Jinzhou and Yingkou were spot checked, and 33 batches of products were qualified, with a sampling qualification rate of 91.3%. Among them, 10 batches of paper cups were randomly selected, 7 batches of products were qualified, and the qualified rate of product sampling was 70%; 26 batches of food packaging bags were randomly selected, and 26 batches of products were qualified, and the qualified rate of product sampling was 100%

II. Result analysis

1. Paper cup

a total of 10 batches of products from 10 manufacturing enterprises in Shenyang, Dalian, Dandong and Jinzhou were spot checked, and they were qualified for 7 times, and the qualified rate of product sampling was 70%. Among the 3 batches of unqualified products, there are mainly unqualified microbial indicators (mold), cup body stiffness and decolorization (65% ethanol)

mold is a kind of fungus. Its spores are extremely light and can float everywhere with the air, enter the human body and cause harm to the human body. The main reasons for mold exceeding the standard are as follows: first, the sanitation of raw materials (including packaging materials) and the sanitation of the enterprise's production environment cannot meet the requirements; Second, the health status of production operators is poor, and they do not pay attention to personal hygiene; Third, the continuous development of the new energy vehicle market, the disinfection facilities and procedures in the production process are not in place; Fourth, the storage conditions of raw materials cannot meet the requirements and are infected by external mold

cup body stiffness is an important technical requirement in paper cup products. If the cup body stiffness is unqualified, it is easy to scald your hands after pouring hot water, and it is difficult to handle, which directly affects the service performance of the paper cup. In this spot check, the cup stiffness of two batches of products is lower than the standard requirements. The cup is light and thin, so it is difficult to handle it after pouring water. The main reasons for the disqualification are as follows: first, the enterprise uses cardboard with substandard quantity; Second, the forming process of paper cup is not qualified

decolorization test is to simulate the environment of some liquid food contained in the paper cup and investigate the impact on the immersion of the paper cup. In this spot check, two batches of paper cups were discolored after soaking in 65% ethanol at 23 ℃, which failed to meet the standard requirements. The main reasons for decolorization are that enterprises use unqualified ink in the printing process and the printing process is unreasonable

2. Food packaging bags

a total of 26 batches of products produced by 18 production enterprises in Shenyang, Dalian, Fushun and Yingkou were spot checked. 26 batches of products were qualified, and the qualified rate of product sampling was 100%. The enterprises selected this time are mainly large and medium-sized enterprises. A total of 17 large and medium-sized enterprises were selected, and only one small enterprise. Most of them are in the process of processing production licenses. Some of them have passed the on-site review and can organize production in accordance with the requirements of the general rules for the production license of food packaging, containers, tools and other products and the detailed rules for the production license review of food plastic packaging, containers, tools and other products. In addition, most of the enterprises selected have large production scale, advanced equipment, strict procurement of raw materials, and can seriously produce according to national, industrial standards or strict enterprise standards. Therefore, the results of this random inspection reflect that the quality of food packaging bags is good

III. next work

1. Increase publicity to support the excellent and treat the bad. The products that are easy to operate in this spot check are daily consumer goods of ordinary people, and the quality and safety of these products directly affect the personal health of consumers. The enterprises that did well in the spot check will be praised, the social health consumption will be guided, and the enterprises with serious problems in product quality will be publicly exposed

2. Strengthen post-processing work and Intensify Investigation and punishment. Enterprises with problems in product quality in this spot check shall be seriously dealt with and rectified within a time limit. In the post-processing, urge enterprises to inspect the incoming raw materials, especially strengthen the quality control of raw materials, and improve the quality inspection ability of enterprises, so as to ensure the monitoring of product quality. The supervision, spot check and re inspection were carried out by the original inspection institution, and the post-processing work was completed within one month

2007 product quality supervision spot check list of unqualified enterprises (paper cup, plastic packaging bag) serial number enterprise name product name enterprise scale specification model inspection results are not in order to promote the healthy development of the industry qualified project 1 Shenyang Chengying Printing Co., Ltd. cold and hot paper cup small 7

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