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Tianjin Administration of work safety: list of the second batch of hazardous chemical enterprises that should be shut down

Tianjin Administration of work safety: list of the second batch of hazardous chemical enterprises that should be shut down

December 28, 2006

according to the notice on seriously grasping the work safety this winter and next spring issued by the general office of the State Council According to the requirements of the notice on effectively implementing the licensing system for hazardous chemicals and fireworks and firecrackers issued by the State Administration of work safety and the notice on the legal closure of hazardous chemical production and operation units and fireworks and firecracker production enterprises in the work of administrative licensing for work safety in accordance with the law, and the development of five gold tool torque testing equipment for orientation machines issued by the office of the work safety commission of the State Council, The administration of work safety released a list of 46 hazardous chemical production and operation units that should be closed down in the city before June 30, 2006, which did not apply for work safety licenses or did not meet the conditions for work safety

the relevant district and county safety supervision bureaus shall order the enterprises that should be closed to stop production and business according to the relevant provisions of the state and the jurisdiction, and report to the people's government at the same level to make a decision on closure according to law. After the relevant district and County People's governments have made the decision to close down, they shall announce the list of closed enterprises to the public, implement the closure according to the working standards for the closure of hazardous chemical production and management enterprises, and organize all relevant departments to assume their responsibilities, implement and strictly enforce the standards, do a good job in the closure of hazardous chemical production and management units under their jurisdiction according to law, and properly deal with the aftermath. After the closure, the relevant district and County Safety Supervision Bureau shall report the closure to the municipal Safety Supervision Bureau

enterprise name registered address

Tianjin Dingsheng chemical material factory, No. 71, Mazhuang West Street, zhangxingzhuang street, Hebei District

Tianjin Longda rubber products factory, No. 10, Hongxing Branch Road, Hebei District (Zhongya chemical plant)

Tianjin Yingshi industry and Trade Co., Ltd., No. 60, zhangxingzhuang Road, Hebei District

Tianjin Hongxing Chemical Reagent experimental plant, hanshengzhuang village, Beichen District

Dongyuan chemical plant, Beichen District, Tianjin

Tianjin Jinyou rubber products development Co., Ltd., No. 9, shuanghai Road, Beichen Economic Development Zone

TEDA chemical plant, Beichen District, Tianjin liukuaizhuang, xiditou Town, Beichen District

Beichen District, Xingfa chemical plant, Beichen District, Tianjin Yanzhuang village, BeiCang town

Tianjin Xinhua powder metal coating factory, liukuaizhuang village, xiditou Town, Beichen District

Tianjin Lianbao coating Co., Ltd., xiditou village, Beichen District

the first branch of Tianjin dyeing and chemical seventh factory, nanmadan village, Beichen District

Tianjin Mingjun chemical factory, Tianjin dyeing and chemical seventh factory (north of Jinyu Road)

Tianjin Jinbei Fuxing Chemical Plant, zhutangzhuang village, Beichen District

Tianjin Lanbang coating plant, hanchengqiao village, Jinnan District

Tianjin Baoshuang Chemical Co., Ltd., No. 18, Zhongxing Street, Balitai Town, Jinnan District

Tianjin Jinnan Jiacheng chemical plant, zhangmanzhuang village, Xinzhuang Town, Jinnan District

Tianjin xingxihua Reagent Co., Ltd., xiyouying village, beizhakou Town, Jinnan District

Xiaoma farm, Dongli District, Tianjin sulfuric acid plant

Tianjin market dyeing The ninth plant of material chemistry, chenglinzhuang Industrial Zone, Dongli District

Tianjin giant chemical materials Co., Ltd. Dongli District Weiguo Road East (China paint)

chromatographic technology development company of Tianjin No.2 Chemical Reagent Factory, 1st floor, building 4, fenghuli, West Anshan Road, Nankai District

mujiatai village, yaoliuqiao Township, Yongshun metal protective agent factory, Tianjin city

in the yard of Ji'an road dyeing and chemical factory, Chenglin Industrial Zone, Tianjin Jiecheng Chemical Co., Ltd.

Tianjin Jindong Fuli chemical factory, military grain Town, Dongyu village

Tian 12 Electromechanical power: ≤ 1kW Tianjin Yongsheng special oil plant Daxinzhuang, Dongli District

Tianjin Huaxing Chemical Plant dongtantou Township, Jinghai County

Tianjin Chaoda industry and Trade Co., Ltd. west side of hanzhuangzi village, Zhongwang Town, Jinghai County

Northwest side of Jinghai power plant of Tianjin Jinghai Dongfang Chemical Co., Ltd.

Tianjin Jinglian Chemical Co., Ltd. guzhuangzi village, Liangtou Town, Jinghai County

tuanpo village, tuanpo Township, Tianjin Shengda Chemical Plant

Jinghai County local products company local products wholesale Station Jinghai Town No. 3 middle school has accelerated the upgrading of plastic granulator technology

Tianjin Lifu pharmaceutical and Chemical Co., Ltd. Tianjin Jinghai County Ziya town Ziya village

Tianjin Hanbang plant protective agent Co., Ltd. has further played an important role in the formulation and revision of standards Main role in publicity and implementation company No. 3 Ruixiang Road, Jinghai Economic Development Zone

Tianjin Baoming Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. Tianjin New Technology Industrial Park Wuqing Development Zone

Tianjin Tianxin inorganic salt industry and Trade Co., Ltd. west of Jingfu Road, Huangzhuang Industrial Zone, Wuqing District

Tianjin Chemical Plant Tianda industry and Trade Corporation, No. 6 Xinkai North Road, Hangu District

Hangu District Juxin Chemical Co., Ltd. Hangu District cotton textile factory yard, Tianjin Hangu District

Tianjin Hangu District Caibao chemical plant Hangu District Hanbei Road chemical industry zone

Tianjin Hangu District Xinchao chemical plant Hangu district China Construction Sixth bureau second company component plant

Tianjin Dagang District Hengtong chemical plant Dagang District zhaolianzhuang Township Maquan village

Tianjin Nanke Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. Xiqing Branch Tianjin Xiqing District Zhangjiawo town Gao Village

Tianjin Chunxiang Chemical Co., Ltd. Xiqing District Zhangjiawo town donglucheng village

Tianjin Shengsidiya chemical decorative materials Co., Ltd. Wangzhuang village, Zhongbei Town, Xiqing District

Tianjin Jinxi Liuqing Welfare chemical plant xuanjiayuan, Xinkou Town, Xiqing District

Tianjin North paint plant Zhaozhuang village, Xiyingmen Township, Xiqing District

Tianjin jinyuanbao commercial building group, No. 15, Jintang Road, Tanggu District, hardware (Wang Li)

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