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Unlock the secret of choosing circuit breakers and protect the safety of household electricity

decoration is a project from the outside to the inside. In addition to pursuing external beauty, those components that are "invisible" in the wall also deserve attention. Circuit breakers are the most direct example. Its existence is like a guard in armor, hiding low-key in the distribution box, but it is linked with the most important circuit system in the decoration of the whole house to protect the safety of household electricity

circuit breakers play a great role in household electrical. "Household electrical" is the comprehensive layout and management of strong and weak current in the home, including circuit breakers, switches and sockets, row plugs and weak current boxes. These four product series ensure the power consumption of household electrical in the whole house. As one of the links, the circuit breaker can protect all household electrical circuits, mainly including short-circuit protection, overload protection, leakage protection and lightning protection. It can protect the power line and ensure the reasonable and safe use of current

winter is approaching, and under the pressure of lower and lower temperatures, most other families in the South will use heating appliances such as heating air conditioners, electric blankets, electric water heaters, etc. indoors, but using these high-power appliances at the same time may burn out circuits, cause fires, and bring certain safety hazards. Based on safety considerations, the status of circuit breakers is higher

the choice of circuit breaker is related to the safety of household electricity, which needs careful consideration. Facing all kinds of fascinating circuit breakers in the market, Siemens, which has always been committed to "making strong current safer and weak current more efficient", has pointed out a "bright way" for consumers - Siemens CP green series. The performance of this series is commendable in all aspects, which has been highly praised and stands out from a crowd of similar products

Siemens green series circuit breakers are equipped with extremely fast arc extinguishing speed, which can quickly extinguish fault arcs; Thermosetting shell has excellent fire resistance, which is different from plastic shell. Shell with high heat resistance can be more effective in flame retardation and safety. The copper used has good conductivity and energy-saving effect. Even the outer packaging is made of recyclable materials, which is energy-saving and environmental friendly. Every detail is not sloppy, and the practice is safe, efficient, energy-saving and environmental protection

in the whole series of green circuit breakers, there are many products of different specifications. To choose the one that belongs to you, Turkey will surpass electrostatic parts and sliding parts in 1999 and 2001. It has experienced two consecutive economic crises, and it still needs some thought

step 1 determine the number of circuits: determine the shunt according to the electrical use function in the living space. Generally, the most basic ones, such as lighting, bedroom, living room, air conditioning, kitchen, bathroom and standby, are a group; Lighting, socket, air conditioner, kitchen, toilet and standby are another group

step 2 determine the specification of the circuit breaker: first calculate the value of each branch current, and then add it to get the total value of the rated current. Knowing the branch current and total current, and referring to the capacity of the household meter at the same time, you can select the appropriate current level of the branch circuit breaker and the total circuit breaker

step 3 determine the protection function mode: for example, in the circuit of kitchen and toilet, leakage protector is more suitable to be used, and circuit breaker of 1p+n or 2p can be selected

(left) compact miniature circuit breaker 5sj30... CR number of poles: 1p+n

(right) standard miniature circuit breaker 5sj6... CR number of poles: 1p, 2p, 3P, 4P, 1p+n

1p, 1p+n and 2p, which looks professional and complex, but in short, 1p is a single pole, which is used for branch protection. 1p+n has the same protection effect as 1p according to different water temperatures; 2p is a two pole circuit breaker. As the main power protection, it has line protection function in both poles of the switch

in families, generally speaking, single pole (1P) is used for branch protection, while two pole (2P) circuit breaker is used as main power protection. Therefore, the same circuit breaker is used for different lines in assembly, and different styles need to be selected

in the 18 years of development after entering China, Siemens, an expert in home appliances, has continuously enriched its product series. Through the four product series of switch socket, extension cord socket, circuit breaker and home distribution box, combined with the production and design concept of home appliances, it has strictly selected the components of each product, with safety as the cornerstone and energy conservation as the icing on the cake. Every detail has never been relaxed and controlled layer by layer, Manage and distribute household electricity safety, be responsible for consumers, and be more responsible for quality of life


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