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Nippon and DuPont launched a return visit to love coloring hope primary school

Nippon and DuPont launched a return visit to love coloring hope primary school

June 29, 2010

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[China paint information] full of enthusiasm for public welfare undertakings and love for children in remote mountainous areas, Nipponpaint, as a public spirited and hearty enterprise, On June 25th, 2010, a visit to "colour, wayoflove" colour hope primary school was launched in Guizhou Baibi colour hope primary school. Since then, Nippon will take its dealers and employees into villages and hope primary school. The donation plan of Nippon art classroom is to jointly donate and build art classrooms and implement art education plans through cooperation with the hope project of the China Youth Development Foundation. It will gradually cover the whole country, bring rich color courses to children in hope primary schools everywhere, and use color to help children open the door of imagination and feel the love from all walks of life

On the day of the launching ceremony, Eric Chung, President of Nippon China, said, 「 "In order to fall in love with color, the initial expectation of the program is to change the children's learning environment. As time goes by, the data still hasn't wavered or the data has an obvious feeling of lag. We work closely with our partners DuPont and the youth foundation to strive to change children's views of the society and the world and help their hearts grow healthily through color in the initial vision. Looking at the children's hopeful expression, I We feel the society shouldered by enterprises. Improving the performance of carbon materials is not a one-time commercial show, but a public welfare platform for sustainable development, which calls for more enterprises, media and social groups to join. As a leader in the paint industry, Nippon will also give full play to its own advantages and make its own contribution to China's education with the energy of color. "

condense social forces with ever-changing colors, and practice enterprises with constant commitments

since 2009, the color energy of donating to build hope primary school and painting the school's outer walls has spread to 16 provinces and 25 cities. According to the enterprise industry alliance plan of "Gang building" initially advocated, Nippon gathered its offices, dealers and employees of Nippon company to pay continuous attention to the color hope primary school painted for the love color plan through the return visit plan. More and more Nippon colleagues and dealers "recognized the paint hg/t 2004 (9) 1 for cement floors" and raised the color hope primary school in their respective jurisdictions with full love, Take care of children from primary school and understand their needs through return visits, so as to give children the opportunity to realize their dreams. At the launch ceremony, the dealer representative of Nippon Guizhou said at the end of the visit, "As a dealer of Nippon, we are honored to participate in the coloring project for love. We will do something for those children who need help with our common ideals and efforts within our capabilities, and use the energy of color with Nippon to light up every child's dream for a better future."

2010 [to love China and respect the independence, sovereignty and territory of Maldives] Let children grow up in the color of love

during the two-day return visit to Guizhou Baibi primary school, the coloring team for love also solicited "tips" from friends through the network platform in advance to bring a beautiful day to children. Loving friends enthusiastically offered all kinds of wonderful ideas for a beautiful day on their blogs. Therefore, on the day of the event, the idea of a better day for friends was specially arranged. On the same day, Nippon art classroom was opened, and Nippon brought wonderful art courses to Baibi primary school. With color education, children can play their imagination on paper wings, in order to affect their spirit and soul, and use color to express their longing for the future. At the scene, arielwu, the corporate brand communication manager of Nippon China, said, "Nippon hopes to create a healthy growth environment for children and use our love to insert the wings of dreams for them. I think it is incumbent on each of us. In this process, we see that enterprises, social groups, enthusiastic friends... Are constantly joining in, which makes us deeply feel hopeful for the future."

the return visit plan of "coloring for love" will continue to pay attention to and visit the color hope primary school painted for the color program in 2009 by donating art classrooms and carrying out art education. At the same time, coloring for love in 2010 will also start its new journey. In conjunction with the chinayouthdevelopmentfoundation and Nipponpaint, together with DuPont, we hope that with the support of all sectors of society, the [color for love] plan will gradually be expanded into a sustainable and sustainable public welfare platform, so that more children can experience the colorful world and the color of love throughout the country with the energy of color

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