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Ningxia share group has built a "digital foundry factory" with 126 million yuan

in recent years, Ningxia share group has continuously strengthened its market competitiveness by implementing the transformation and upgrading policies of digital leadership, innovation driven, green manufacturing and efficiency multiplication on May 12 this year. It has been listed in the top 100 core competitiveness of Chinese machinery industry enterprises for three consecutive years, and has successfully developed national new products such as power generation equipment castings, Filling in this way not only ensures the experimental accuracy, but also fills the domestic blank

in the face of increasingly fierce market competition, shareware group has invested 126 million yuan to build a model project for the transformation and upgrading of foundry factories after more than three years of research, investigation and formulation of plans. At present, it has been put into trial production. Using advanced manufacturing concepts and casting technologies such as virtual manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing, green manufacturing and flexible manufacturing, combined with successful management experience, the digital foundry reflects the characteristics of digitalization, green, flexible and efficient, and the plant construction meets the green three-star standard; The temperature, humidity, noise, dust and equipment operation of the plant are monitored in real time. Nearly half of the working environment is in an air-conditioned environment. The process quality is mainly controlled by intelligent equipment, reducing human factors, and the quality is effectively controlled. In the smelting and pouring process, d) whether the height width ratio of the lubricating grease of the main shaft bearing box is appropriate; It used to be equipped with 4 people, but only 2 people are needed in the smelting process of the digital foundry. The main work is carried out in the control room. The feeding, feeding, melting, pouring and other processes have been automated and intelligent, the efficiency has been significantly improved, and the smelting quality can be 100% qualified. (Wei Ping)

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