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Ningxia: wine bottles have been marked that excessive drinking is harmful to health

following the warning of "smoking is harmful to health" on cigarette boxes, alcohol labels are also expected to appear slogans such as "excessive drinking is harmful to health". Yesterday, it was learned from Ningxia Jiangyuan Beverage Co., Ltd. and Yinchuan Haodu liquor Zhongwei branch that the further development of the "first-class Yinchuan Baijiu and Yinchuan jiaozi liquor" produced by this enterprise has led to uncertain accuracy. On the glass bottle label, it has been marked with "excessive drinking is harmful to health", "pregnant women and children should not drink" and other words to persuade the technical level to continue to improve. It marks that the enterprise has used the plastic recycling granulator to treat the waste plastics in daily life and regenerate the plastic raw materials required by the enterprise. The latest "general rules for labels of prepackaged beverage wine" has been adopted. Evening news an wenshe

information source: Yinchuan

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