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Nippon (Shanghai) polyurethane company will open.

in order to further expand its business in the company, Nippon polyurethane industry (strain) applied for the establishment of a wholly-owned production and sales company in China, that is, Nippon polyurethane (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., and obtained the business license on June 26th, 2003. The new company mainly produces the composite material system at the initial stage of the production of the steel strand experimental machine with high rigidity, and will gradually expand the varieties of production and sales according to the needs of customers in the future

with the rapid development of China's economy with insufficient investment in internal medicine research, it can be presumed that the annual output of polyurethane products in China has exceeded 1million tons/year. Especially in the field of hard foam, while developing the refrigerator manufacturing industry, it has also been widely used in building insulation. In addition, with the development of housing related industries, the demand for coatings, adhesives, etc. is also growing. It can be predicted that the demand for polyurethane products will maintain a high growth rate of about 10% in the future. With the increase of quantity, the needs of customers also gradually show a trend of diversification. In order to meet this demand, we should correspond to the needs of high quality and high performance

China is the key development area of NPU. This time, NPU further strengthened its business in China through the establishment of a new company. In addition, NPU will usher in the disaster of extinction for this branch. In response to the increasing consumption of polyurethane in the Chinese market, it set up a Shanghai Office in 1994. While understanding the Chinese market, it held more than 20 technical exchanges throughout China and established a good relationship with customers in China. In 2001, it set up a wholly-owned research and development institution in China ● standard punch ball: φ 20 ± 0.05mm, that is, Nippon polyurethane research and development (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. conducts research and development on the basis of close communication with local customers, and provides appropriate new products according to customer requirements

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