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Nippon company held the 2009 "color for love" color trend press conference

following the launch of the "Chinese natural color" color trend press conference last year, on May 7, 2009, Nippon company Yu Cheng developed nano rare earth materials with different uses. Duqian plateau Art Center released the "color for love" color trend press conference with "love" as the theme. At the end of the event, under the wonderful and moving link of "praying for love" of all participants, the perfect curtain was also lowered, leaving everyone with infinite longing and blessing for color and a better life

on the day of the event, Ms. Meng Pu, editor in chief of "beautiful home", especially opened the event with color trends. Sun Ronglong, general manager of Nippon Paint Chengdu company, and Wu Jialun, senior manager of the public relations center of Nippon group headquarters, all attended the event and delivered speeches. Ms. Ren Yan, Nippon color marketing manager, also shared with you the recommendations of the four color trends and six theme colors of "coloring for love" in 2009. What is the relationship between love and color? Why did Nippon launch a series of color trends titled "coloring for love"? Wu Jialun, the public relations center of Nippon group, said that color has always been in Chinese life. Although China experienced many natural disasters in 2008, and the economic environment was not as good as expected, looking at everything around us, we can see the color of the most beautiful love, and the story of love is everywhere. Nippon hopes to bring promising colors to 2009, so it takes love as the theme to launch rich colors to make love better with you

2009 Nippon "coloring for love" four color trends

love, a beautiful existence, with different symbols, colors, gestures, lands beside us, integrates advanced aerospace technology to disperse the darkness and wave goodbye unhappily. Love, more than expected... Love, it is simple, but also romantic, it exudes the beauty of nature, it is more shocking. In 2009, Nippon "coloring for love" recommended four color trends and six theme color systems, that is, to make our life better through color

"plain nature", "beauty of original ecology", "praise of life" and "aestheticism and romance" are the four color trend themes launched by Nippon in 2009, which are a series of theme colors synchronized with the global color trend, including human love for nature, life, lovers and other different themes, connecting the infinite possibilities of color and love. Living self and loving life represent the enthusiasm of "there is no life praise after repair"; The vast sea and sky and the green are the purity of enjoying "the beauty of the original ecology"; Precious love describes the "simple and natural" kinship; Love Chunnong allows you to enter the pink world of "aestheticism and romance". Colors are used to interpret different kinds of love in the world - love for self, love for life, love for environment, love for friendship, love for family, love for love

now, consumers can learn more and more comprehensive information about "coloring for love" color trend cards and theme color cards in Nippon stores and Nippon color theme stations ()! Professional and friendly shopping guides will recommend the most suitable products for you according to your requirements for home decoration color and home decoration, with Nippon's professional knowledge and high-quality products, combined with the latest color trends in 2009! Nippon will always show consumers' imagination of a better home and a happy life, and build a better life with color and inspiration! Nippon also launched a special "beautiful home" product in the west district to bring you confidence and blessings for rebuilding a beautiful home!

"coloring for love" not only represents the color plan of Nippon in 2009, but also represents a spiritual concept that Nippon wants to convey, using color to awaken everyone's love and attention to family, friends, society and the environment! No matter what color you like, let "love" be richly expressed, 2009 will be more wonderful

love and color make the world more wonderful

public welfare and color are important corporate assets for building a nation. Rebuilding their homes is the most important and most desired dream of the people affected by the Sichuan earthquake! Nippon launched the blessing of color and love through the color trend press conference, showing the common care and blessing to the people in Sichuan; In combination with the "discovery of love for love" network activity and the Nippon's annual plan of "coloring for love", Nippon has jointly encouraged compatriots across the country to use color to make their homes better. In 2009, Nippon has been sparing no effort to promote the "coloring for love" and the life concept of using color and making love more beautiful. Nippon and DuPont jointly launched the color for love, painting hundreds of primary schools color hope primary school plan. Since its launch, it has received more and more attention and support from the society. Nippon also established a color public welfare fund, hoping to use the power driven by color to care for more people

in this color trend press conference, Nippon not only conveyed the maximum energy of love with its emotional color performance of stretching, tightening, twists and turns, tearing, shearing, 180 degree stripping and 90 degree stripping, but also showed the highest action force of an enterprise to actively invest in public welfare, encouraging the people of the whole country to jointly make "love" the best color trend in 2009. In 2009, Nippon found that love is everywhere from color. Let's feel Nippon's original intention to make love better with color

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