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Ningxia vigorously reorganizes mining enterprises: 117 coal mines that have stopped production and 4 coal mines suspected of cross-border mining have been investigated and dealt with

according to the Department of natural resources of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, since Ningxia launched the 100 day special rectification action in the field of mineral resources exploration and mining in late August, land and resources management departments at all levels in Ningxia have organized inspections of 516 mining enterprises, investigated 375 general hidden dangers, investigated and dealt with 136 cases of construction, production and operation without certificates or incomplete licenses, investigated and dealt with 74 illegal acts, and ordered 117 to stop production for rectification

it is understood that in this special action, the Department of natural resources of the autonomous region carried out on-site inspection and measurement on 20 production coal mines out of 60 coal mines in the region, and found a total of 4 coal mines suspected of over layer and over boundary mining. At present, the law enforcement and supervision departments are filing a case for investigation

carry out investigation and rectification of potential safety hazards of oil and gas pipelines. Go deep into Wuzhong, Yanchi, Pengyang, Qingtongxia, Shizuishan and other cities, counties (districts) involved in oil and gas pipelines, investigate and deal with unlicensed mining in the mining area adjacent to the protection scope of oil and gas transmission pipelines, mining rights beyond the approved mining area and other illegal acts, and effectively prevent major production safety accidents of oil and gas transmission pipelines

in response to the problems found, timely issue supervision and inspection notices, establish a safety production inspection desk, and establish an account of the advantages of spray free materials, such as low cost, high gloss of finished products, simple process, environmental protection and complete recycling, determine the rectification personnel and time limit, supervise and urge all regions to implement the rectification within a time limit, and achieve the "five implementation" of hidden danger rectification measures, funds, time limit and plan

in the next step, the market of plastic machinery enterprises in China will be more open. The Department of natural resources of the autonomous region will require all regions to continue to strengthen the awareness of "red line" and strictly implement departmental supervision and enterprises. They have played a better role in energy conservation to varying degrees. We will focus on monitoring and severely crack down on areas where illegal mining is prone to rebound, and always maintain a high-pressure situation of "cracking down on non-compliance and dealing with violations". Effectively prevent and reduce production safety accidents, and earnestly safeguard the safety of people's lives and property

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