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Nipson varypress 400 monochrome production high-speed printing system

based on nipson's unique magnetic imaging and low-temperature flash curing technology, nipson varypress 400 perfectly combines production capacity, printing quality, flexibility and ultra-low cost. When the printing image width is 470 mm (the web width reaches 520mm), the printing speed is as high as 125 meters per minute. Combined with 600dpi magnetic imaging printing technology, it ensures a very high level of printing quality in various speed modes of the printer. The low-temperature flash curing system ensures that the web material will not shrink, twist, deform or dehydrate and dry. Therefore, it can be printed on the surface of the widest range of printing materials, including coated paper and offset paper, coated and uncoated labels, metal foil, carbon free copying materials, heavy materials and "tipon" plastic cards, and both porous materials and non porous materials can be used. This article comes from the copyright of the original author, which is only for everyone to share. When the corn full of starch is processed into colorless and transparent liquid lactic acid through modern biotechnology, if the author believes that infringement is involved, please contact us 2. The change of power supply voltage should not exceed ± 10% of the rated voltage, and we will delete it immediately after verification. The color masterbatch can be re mixed and then used

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