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Nippon said it did not shirk its responsibility for the sale of fake paint and promised "ten for one fake"

Nippon said it did not shirk its responsibility for the sale of fake paint and promised "ten for one fake"

February 28, 2012

[China paint information] ranging from housing decoration to wine, food, clothing, drugs... All pervasive fake goods penetrated into people's daily life, eating, clothing, housing and transportation, and greatly damaged consumer rights and interests. At the dawn of March 15, Some media reported that "Nippon specialty stores sell fake paint". On this incident, Nippon Paint entered the door with low expectations. Ms. Wu Jialun, public relations director, accepted an interview with Caijing

on February 23, the media reported that in Nippon Paint franchised stores in Beijing Oriental home building materials market, Wanjiadenghuo, Sihui and other building materials cities, their staff sold fake paint in private, and could show the relevant test report, business license and receipt at the same time. Consumers repeatedly lamented that "even the franchised stores sell fake paint, where can I buy real paint?"

"Nippon does not shirk its responsibility for this. We have sent a lawyer's letter to the dealer as soon as we saw the report, and have removed the dealer from the station and sales channel as soon as possible." Wu Jialun made the above statement to Caijing directly

Wu Jialun pointed out that Nippon has more than 1600 agents in China. At present, the franchised stores in the market are actually operated and managed by dealers, and the recruitment and management of staff such as clerks are the responsibility of dealers. Of course, Nippon is not shirking its responsibility. In order to ensure that consumers buy authentic Nippon Paint, Nippon China has special provisions in the distribution authorization agreement with dealers to strictly restrict the sales behavior of franchised stores and their employees, For example, if the dealer has any illegal sales behavior, he can ask the other party to compensate 1million yuan of liquidated damages; The contract between Nippon and the dealer is signed once a year; At the same time, Nippon has the right to transfer the case to the judicial organ according to legal investigation

Wu Jialun said that the situation mentioned in the report that shop guides provide fake goods to those who require to buy cheap paint, which is the first 10-year action plan of the Chinese government to implement the manufacturing power strategy, is a serious violation of the terms of distribution authorization by franchised stores and their employees. This kind of behavior to meet the immediate interests of consumers (low-cost demands) actually damages the long-term interests of consumers, At the same time, it is a serious injury to the extruder industry development of most high-quality dealers, which still has a large market space and Nippon brand reputation. Once the matter is verified, Nippon will resolutely cooperate with relevant departments to completely close the stores involved and revoke the distributor's qualification

"at present, Nippon has asked dealers to immediately stop all existing or possible illegal acts and close stores with illegal sales of fake goods, but Nippon is not a law enforcement unit. After sending a lawyer's letter, there will be a judicial procedure, which will be identified by the industry and Commerce Department. At the same time, Nippon is also actively cooperating with the industry and Commerce Department, hoping to give the investigation results as soon as possible." Wu Jialun added

as for how consumers identify genuine and fake products, Wu Jialun pointed out that there are bar codes for authenticity identification in the stores that consumers buy in exclusive stores. You can check the authenticity through customer service (there are differences in many details between domestic experimental machines), SMS, Nippon official (), and you can also check whether each barrel of products has been opened and whether it is a real barrel

Wu Jialun finally said to: "the power of a person and an enterprise is limited after all. On the arrival of another" March 15 ", Nippon has successively introduced the solemn commitment of" one fake for ten "to consumers in the national franchised stores: from now on, purchase Nippon products in Nippon franchised stores. If it is found to be fake, each barrel of fake goods will be compensated for ten barrels of similar genuine goods! Mobilize consumers to join the fight against counterfeits and safeguard their legitimate rights and interests. "

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