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Nippon, Dulux and sankeshu encountered counterfeiting

nippon, Dulux and sankeshu encountered counterfeiting at the International Consumer Electronics Exhibition (CES) held in Las Vegas earlier this year

January 17, 2014

[China paint information] the brand was hurt by the counterfeiting of famous brand paint again. Recently, Guizhou Huaxi Public Security Bureau seized a case of fake production of latex paint of Nippon, Dulux and sankeshu, and seized more than 2500 barrels of fake latex paint, involving an amount of 2million yuan

on December 1, 2013, Huaxi Public Security Branch received reliable information that tongmuling, Qingxi community, Huaxi District, has a dens for making and selling fake goods. Why do you regret buying a testing machine when you are suspected? When people were ready to transfer counterfeit products, the police directly raided the dens, arrested the suspect Wang on the spot, and seized 6 tons of calcium powder, 2000 kilograms of lotion and more than 2000 unwrapped tin barrels used in this mode of counterfeiting. The police also seized more than 2500 barrels of fake three tree paint and famous brands such as Nippon and Dulux from another farmer's home in tongmuling, Qingxi community, which the suspect told them

insiders said that counterfeit paint is cheap, but the quality is too poor, and some even bring harm to people's health. While nippon, Dulux and other well-known brands often become the object of imitation and processing, which has fallen to the level of 100 yuan per kilogram. Consumers should pay more attention to and verify their integrity when purchasing these brands

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