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Nippon Paint sued Shanghai No.1 Intermediate People's court for trademark infringement of yilipu electric appliances

Nippon Paint sued Shanghai No.1 Intermediate People's court for trademark infringement of yilipu electric appliances

July 4, 2008

[China paint information] Nippon Paint (China) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Nippon Paint") and Guangdong yilipu Electric Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "yilipu") are involved in a trademark infringement case

recently, securities learned that Nippon lacquer filed a lawsuit against ilip in Shanghai First Intermediate People's Court on November 16, 2007 on the grounds that ilip used a non registered trademark in the form of a registered trademark without authorization and was suspected of trademark infringement

it is understood that Nippon lacquer once took the initiative to communicate, but failed to reach an agreement, so yilipu was angrily sued in court

Nippon Paint said in the indictment that ilip immediately stopped producing household appliances with the words "Nippon" and "Nippon appliances", and stopped using the words "Nippon" and "Nippon appliances" on product decoration and advertising materials; At the same time, compensation for the loss of 12million yuan

many equipment using computer skills are not selected. PC Nippon Paint (China) Co., Ltd. was established in Pudong New Area, Shanghai in December 1992. Langfang Nippon Paint Co., Ltd. and Nippon Paint (Guangdong) Co., Ltd. were also established in the same year. In previous years, they were wholly foreign-owned enterprises invested and established by Singapore wudenan group. The "Nippon" trademark has a history of more than 100 years. With the establishment of the above enterprises in 1992, "Nippon" trademark products have also entered the Chinese market

Guangdong Yicheng green growth Lipu Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Nanhai Schindler Mold Co., Ltd., formerly known as Nanhai Nippon Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.), is a mold manufacturing enterprise founded in 1993, and later turned to small household appliances such as rice cookers

Nippon Paint pointed out that there are many factors affecting the color difference of ilip. Since 1997, the "Nippon" character trademark has been used as a registered trademark without trademark registration. Previously, in order to be listed, yilipu changed the "Nippon" in the enterprise name to "yilipu"

ilip's initial public offering letter of intent shows that since 1995, the company has continued to use the trademarks of "Nippon", "Nippon appliances" and "ilip". Since July, 2007, in order to maintain the consistency between the product trademark and the company's brand name, the company has stopped using the trademarks of "Nippon" and "Nippon appliances", and all domestic products are sold with the trademark of "yilipu". "Yilipu" trademark has been registered, and the company has obtained the registered trademark certificate. At present, there are no products with the trademarks of "Nippon" and "Nippon appliances" in the inventory of ilip, and all domestic sales use the trademark of "ilip"

it is understood that Guangdong yilipu received and sealed a large number of products with the trademarks of 'Nippon' and 'Nippon appliances' circulating in the market through its agents in February and March 2008. Nippon pointed out that some of these inventories were gradually returned to the company, and some were still stored at its agents. For the inventory still in the agent's place, the company's commitment to the agent is to gradually deal with it in the form of exchange in the future

it is noted that in the special legal opinion (II), Beijing Bangsheng law firm, the lawyer of the issuer of Guangdong yilipu Electric Appliance Co., Ltd., explained the operating income of the company's trademark products of "Nippon" and "Nippon electric appliance" in 2005, 2006 and 2007 respectively, and the operating income of the three years was 25.4428 million yuan, 21.8631 million yuan and 8.2059 million yuan respectively

according to Nippon told this newspaper, these data are seriously inconsistent with the facts. It is understood that in 2006 alone, the operating revenue of ilip's related products reached 130 million yuan

for Nippon's statement, this newspaper did not contact the relevant person in charge of ilip. However, relevant experts believe that the statement of Nippon needs to be verified

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