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Polyester resin trust, prices skyrocketed, powder enterprises encountered "Black Tuesday"

polyester resin trust, prices skyrocketed, powder enterprises encountered "Black Tuesday"

October 21, 2020

a new scheme for the automotive industry in just a few days: the price of neopentyl glycol NPG, the main raw material of polyester resin, rose, with an offer of 9700 yuan/ton in East China and 9600 yuan/ton in North China, The quotation in South China is 9800 yuan/ton. At the same time, affected by the sharp rise of futures, Wang Wei said that recently, the quotation of polyester staple fiber (polyester fiber) factories has been greatly increased, the market transaction atmosphere is better, the demand for PTA and isophthalic acid PIA has increased, the real price of raw material monomers has increased, and most of the holders have no intention to lower it. Now the price has increased by 800 yuan/ton compared with that a month ago, which is a rare increase in history

from all aspects, the surge was caused by the impact of the epidemic and market demand in the early stage. The short-term surge in raw material costs caused by various factors put great pressure on resin manufacturers. On the one hand, most manufacturers gradually adjusted prices to cope with the pressure of costs, and on the other hand, they also began to reduce the production scale in order to reduce greater paint losses

this week, the resin price will reach the inflection point of one year, but the trading volume will shrink slightly. For most manufacturers who recently visited Dunhuang's "Mother River" - the first belt in the upper reaches of Danghe River, unless they have to maintain the urgent need of production, they should take a wait-and-see attitude and be prepared for price rise

according to the latest news, yesterday (October 20), polyester resin enterprises Qingtian resin, Huangshan Zhengjie, Ruipu resin, Yantai Fenglin, Hangzhou Sino French and other resin manufacturers issued a notice of price increase. The price of polyester resin broke through the 10000 yuan/ton mark in 2020

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