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Polyester purchasing power is poor, production and sales are declining, and inventory pressure has been revealed

recently, polyester purchasing power is still poor, and the production and sales rate of spinning manufacturers is generally below 80%. POY silk such as Shaoxiao, Tongxiang and Taicang can realize various safety protection methods such as overload, overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, overspeed and limit of the experimental machine during the new year's day; Goods have also decreased. From the market trend, the price of FDY semi consumer series products has not changed today. The market center prices of fdy50d and 63d remain at yuan/T and yuan/T respectively. Among them, the purchasing power of 50D downstream has decreased, while the demand for 63d water jet weaving has increased, especially for thin specification silk. When there is no variety for downstream weaving, polyester fdy63d/24F (produced by Jiangsu Yixing Huaya chemical fiber) has a certain share in Shengze area. The price of DTY conventional series products has also maintained a weak market consolidation posture, while some Multi-f winding wires are still smooth, such as 75D/72F, 100D/144f and 150D/144f, which are mainly used for the production of ground spring Asian textile and peach skin velvet on water jet looms. According to the introduction of direct spinning manufacturers, the sales volume of texturing POY is acceptable; The purchasing power of POY for weaving in the market is not much, and the price trend is barely stable at present. At present, the bulk demand of FDY shows signs of ebb tide, and most people believe that the polyester market will continue to continue the weak adjustment in the short term. In addition, the sales volume of island composite wire market is acceptable. At present, the market is concentrated on the supply of 105d and 225d, but the price trend changes little. The price of 105d is 22 from point to area, steadily promoting 500 yuan/T and 20200 yuan/T, and the price of 215d-225d is yuan/T. The spinning manufacturers reported that the production and sales rate of FDY silk decreased continuously, and the inventory pressure has been revealed. When the inventory of individual enterprise varieties increased, it is not ruled out that the price concession range should be enlarged during shipment

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