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Packaging industry: implement the blueprint of the eleventh five year plan quickly and well. In 2006, following the footsteps of hope, the "packer" opened a new page in history, and is determined to quickly and well create a new world of "packaging power" and write a new chapter

during the Tenth Five Year Plan period, especially in 2005, the packaging industry conscientiously implemented the scientific concept of development. The development of the industry showed a trend of rapid growth and better benefits, such as the requirements of experimental fixtures and increased vitality. The packaging industry has become one of the important industries in the development of the national economy. Among the more than 40 industries in the national economy, it has jumped from the penultimate in the past to the top 14 today; The annual output value of the packaging industry has reached about 350billion yuan. What is more remarkable is that China has become the third "packaging power" after the United States and Japan in the world's packaging consumption of about $600billion. The packaging industry adds color to the "made in China" brands all over the world

while fully affirming the achievements of the packaging industry, we must clearly see that there are still some long-term accumulated contradictions and problems in the packaging industry in the rapid development of fast wood packaging, as well as the new situations and problems that have emerged at present. Such as: the extensive management of packaging enterprises, although the increment is considerable, the benefit is not ideal; The technical content of packaging products is very low, there are few famous brands and lack of market competitiveness; There are many low-level and repeated construction projects, and there is excess capacity, so we can not create a new situation of high-quality brands; The concept of green packaging has just started, and the production mode of high energy consumption consumables has not been fundamentally changed; More imported "hardware" equipment, less imported "software" technology, and weak digestion and absorption capacity; The R & D funds for new products and technologies are seriously insufficient, and there is a lack of "fist" products with independent intellectual property rights. In addition, the packaging economic system and operating mechanism are not perfect, which also restricts the healthy development in the future

2006 will be an important new starting point for the sustainable development of China's packaging economy. How to make a good start is the key. The convening of the central economic work conference encouraged the packaging industry and pointed out the way forward for our "packers". For the packaging industry, we should more firmly adhere to the scientific concept of development to guide the overall situation, pay attention to enhancing the ability of independent innovation, focus on the change of economic growth mode and the adjustment of industry structure, and implement the improvement of economic quality and benefit growth. In order to realize the rapid and sound development of the packaging economy, the packaging industry should implement the following measures: first, put building an "innovative country" and enhancing the ability of independent innovation at the top of all industries; On the basis of "made in China", we should promote the spirit of "created in China" and let more new packaging products come from Chinese hands. The second is to take the construction of a "conservation oriented society" as a long-term task; With the goal of developing circular economy, build a green packaging home, improve the comprehensive utilization rate of packaging materials and the reuse rate of products, and achieve the national energy-saving targets. Third, the adjustment of industrial structure and the transformation of growth mode are reflected in the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" of the packaging industry; Strive to build an "aircraft carrier" for the packaging industry, do a good job in the innovation of system and mechanism, and change the situation of no leader and fighting independently. Fourth, accelerate the pace of opening up to the outside world, take the road of "scientific and technological innovation and cooperative development", and pay more attention to digestion and absorption and draw inferences from one instance. Fifth, the implementation of "people-oriented" training packaging talents as the driving force of "Endurance"; In particular, we should encourage innovative talents to come to the fore, put them in key positions, give full play to their talents, and pull back the passive situation of lack of successors in the packaging industry

auspicious snow indicates a good year. "Packers" are full of pride to welcome a rare new opportunity to develop the packaging economy. As long as we are united, fully implement the scientificoutlookondevelopment, be realistic and pragmatic, forge ahead and work hard, we will be able to achieve the goal of moving from a "big packaging country" to a "powerful packaging country" quickly and well

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