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Technology and market development of inkjet printing system since the 1990s, large format inkjet printing technology has been widely used in image, advertising, display, map printing, printing and other fields because of its advantages in printing color and printing media compatibility. At the same time, the continuous ink-jet printing system is also widely used in the printing of short version and variable content, such as labels, bar codes, cards, and even on-demand newspapers to meet the needs of different readers because of its advantages in variable data printing and high-speed printing. The large format inkjet digital printer has become a new force that can replace the traditional silk printing in pop/pos, outdoor advertising, interior decoration, indoor and outdoor signs, large-scale artworks and other markets. It can be said that the surging of inkjet printing has added a bright color to the digital printing industry

recently, we specially invited representatives of inkjet printing system suppliers: Mr. wangxianggen, general manager of saiangel China, Mr. Matsumoto Qijie, deputy general manager of business image solution Department of professional commercial machine marketing department of Canon (China) Co., Ltd. and Mr. Liangjian, director of image product planning department of T P sales promotion department of Epson (China) Co., Ltd. to jointly discuss the technology and market development of inkjet printing system

question 1: what are the main types of inkjet printing equipment in your company? What are the market positioning of these products

Mr. wangxianggen: before answering this question, I would like to make a few remarks: as we all know, in november2005, HP officially announced the full acquisition of Scitex, and the acquisition and integration work was carried out smoothly according to the regional distribution. The Asia Pacific region (including China) of Scitex will be officially incorporated into HP on may1,2006, that is to say, we will be HP employees from May 1. After being incorporated into HP, Symantec is subordinate to HP printing imaging and consumer products group (IPG). Our internal name is IID (Industrial inkjet printing division). When it comes to inkjet printing equipment, I believe that HP, after acquiring saiangel, is the company with the most complete inkjet products at present. Whether it is for home use, office use, commercial use or industrial production, it has everything, and each product and technology is at the forefront of the industry. Here I will focus on the main inkjet printing equipment of hpscitex

question 2: what do you think are the main advantages and characteristics of your inkjet printing equipment compared with other similar products? Mr. wangxianggen: people familiar with saiangel know that saiangel has always been a very successful company in printing technology research and development and product market orientation. Whether in the past in prepress, ink-jet printing equipment, or today's ultra large format ink-jet printing equipment, it has always been at the forefront of the industry. In other words, saiangel can always successfully launch different types of products and technologies that lead the market or are most suitable for the market at different times. For example, at present, the global outdoor advertising market is becoming more and more personalized, diversified and timely, and each party of quality and innovation should participate in the ranks of "green packaging". The new requirements are getting higher and higher, and the environmental protection requirements are becoming more and more strict. Saiangel has launched printing equipment and technical services that can meet different needs in different fields. Customers can choose different types of equipment according to their market areas. If you ask me what are the advantages and features of saiangel's equipment, I think in addition to what I just mentioned indirectly, you can also use this sentence to express it, that is, customers with today's saiangel technology and equipment can do better what others can do, and also can do a lot of work that others can't do. Mr. Matsumoto: generally, the resolution and speed of the printer are inversely proportional, that is, the higher the resolution, the slower the speed; The faster the speed, the lower the resolution. So in many cases, you can't have both. This is also a problem that puzzles people in the fast printing industry. If it takes one hour to print a high-quality product, the business of the Express Printing shop will be seriously affected and the productivity will be reduced, which will make it impossible to survive. Canon's products have found a good balance between quality and speed. The humidity range is 60 ~ 98%, that is, the printing quality has been improved to a higher level on the premise of maintaining high speed; Similarly, under the condition of ensuring the printing quality, we have also improved the speed to a higher level. This is our biggest selling point and feature. We are not simply improving one of them, but improving them synchronously, reaching a balance point, and solving the contradiction between speed and quality. Canon can do this by relying on original technologies, including print head technology, color management technology and so on. We constantly develop new technologies and products according to market demand to replace the old technologies and products. In addition, Canon's products are very humanized and highly operable. This is due to the improvement of the comprehensive performance of Canon products. It is not only the advantage of hardware. Ink script>if (dexof (``) ite ('This article is from keyin

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