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PVC followed by plastic opened higher and went lower, and the market may still rise.

on Tuesday, the opening price of 1009, the main contract of continuous plastic V, was 7160, 20 points higher, the highest price was 7165, the lowest price was 7095, and closed at 7110. The trading volume was 13586 hands, down 6112 hands from the previous trading day. The position was 27832 hands, a decrease of 2162 hands compared with the previous trading day

fundamental analysis: data released by the U.S. Department of Commerce on Monday showed that after seasonal adjustment, new home sales in the United States in June increased significantly by 23.6% over the previous month, with an annual rate of 330000 households, better than the 320000 households previously predicted by analysts. The growth rate of new home sales in June compared with the previous month was the largest since May 1980. On the same day, data released by the Federal Reserve of Dallas showed that the activity index of manufacturing enterprises in the region was - 21.0 in July and - 4.0 last month; The manufacturing output index was 4.9, up from - 1.9 last month. The data showed that the manufacturing industry in the region shrank. On the same day, the long and short data released by the US Department of Commerce and the Dallas fed put pressure on the trend of the US dollar index again

after Tropical Storm Bonnie, crude oil prices weakened again due to the lack of impact on petrochemical plants in the Gulf of Mexico and the manufacturing contraction data released by the Dallas fed. Subsequently, the Ministry of Commerce released the sales data of new houses, which made the oil price rebound again from the intraday trading, and the end of the trading was stable. Overnight, the closing price of September crude oil futures contract on the New York Mercantile Exchange was $78.98/barrel, unchanged from the previous trading day, with a trading range of $78.06 to $79.33/barrel. In the short term, due to market demand, Iran's political problems and other reasons, it is possible to stimulate the crude oil price to hit $80/barrel again

the closing price of global naphtha rose and fell overnight. In the Asian naphtha market, about 150000-200000 tons of naphtha are scheduled to be transported from the Middle East and Suez to the European market. The increase in European purchases of Asian shipments has supported the price of Asian naphtha, but market analysts predict that the European market cannot absorb such a large amount of goods. South Korea LG Chemical bought two 25000 ton ships that arrived in Heshui in September. The cost and freight were 5.00-5.50 dollars/ton lower than the Japanese spot price. Asian naphtha prices corrected slightly, but still hit a four week high, and the naphtha cracking price difference reached a three week high

overnight, the global ethylene monomer price was stable and slightly corrected. In the Asian ethylene monomer market, the futures of Formosa chemical's crude oil distillation unit in Mailiao with a daily capacity of 450000 barrels shut down at the weekend, delaying the planned overhaul time of No. 2 cracking unit from August to October. However, the supply from the Middle East and Japan soon made up for the insufficient supply of Formosa Plastics plant parking, making the wait-and-see mood in the market continue to be strong. In the short term, Northeast Asia ethylene monomer inventory pressure, Southeast Asia ethylene monomer supply is sufficient, making the ethylene monomer price is likely to continue to maintain stability. Ethylene monomer prices in Europe remained stable. The decline in crude oil prices once again pressured the ethylene monomer price in the United States, which fell slightly by 0.38 cents/pound

prices in carbide markets across the country continue to remain stable, Alashan League in Inner Mongolia continues to eliminate backward production capacity in carbide and other industries, and there must be supporting PVC projects for new carbide projects. Due to the rebound of the futures price, PVC enterprises in Xiajin day tour increased the ex factory price, while calcium carbide enterprises also requested price increases for enterprises, but they were rejected by PVC enterprises. The rainy weather in summer must be difficult for the transportation capacity of calcium carbide, and there has been a shortage of calcium carbide supply in Henan, making calcium carbide enterprises have certain price expectations for the future price of calcium carbide

in the PVC spot market, PVC manufacturers shut down oil valve production enterprises after the sample breaks. Although most enterprises have high inventory pressure, they still maintain a stable operating rate, and enterprises have differences in quotation. Haohua Aerospace 8. Pay attention to the plug not to loosen when the computer is moving. The ex factory prices of Hebei Baoshuo, yinglite, Shandong Xinfa and other enterprises have increased by 50-100 yuan/ton. Mianxi chemical, The ex factory price of Wuxi Chemical Industry and other enterprises fell by 100-150 yuan/ton. In the local spot markets, the price has gradually stabilized, but the wait-and-see mood is still strong. The quotation of electric stone is 7050-7150 yuan/ton, and a series of quotations are 7250-7450 yuan/ton. The market supply is sufficient. The downstream enterprises followed up slowly, and the product factories did not have obvious volume, making the market transaction still depressed

to sum up: what are the methods to eliminate the errors of low pressure testing machine in PVC market demand, which makes the driving factors of PVC future demand weaker and weaker, and the future price is likely to continue to shrink plastic trend. In the short term, the futures price may be slightly pressured and corrected, but it may still rise in the future. In terms of operation, low-level multiple orders, high-level reduction, short-term trading

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