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PVC fresh-keeping film may cause cancer. Shanghai will conduct a comprehensive sampling inspection

"harmful substances in PVC food fresh-keeping film are easy to separate out, and after entering the human body with food, they have carcinogenic effect on the human body!" Recently, the harmful problem of PVC fresh-keeping film has attracted social attention again due to the reports of Shanghai media. In this regard, the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision said yesterday that the harmfulness of PVC fresh-keeping film has attracted the attention of the quality supervision department. It will conduct a comprehensive spot check on the use of PVC fresh-keeping film in Shanghai supermarkets in the near future, and will test the safety of PVC film at the same time. At the same time, lotus said that all PVC fresh-keeping films would be replaced this week, and all non-toxic and harmless PE products would be used. Carrefour said that it was waiting for the statement of the authority. Quality supervision department: a comprehensive inspection will be carried out. Then, is the PVC fresh-keeping film harmful and can it continue to be used? The person in charge of the supervision department of Shanghai Municipal Bureau of quality supervision and the supervision department of enterprise specifications and industry specifications said that China's standards for fresh-keeping film have been for many years. In the original standards, PVC materials were allowed to be used for fresh-keeping film. However, the safety of PVC fresh-keeping film has attracted great attention of the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China, which will investigate the manufacturers of PVC fresh-keeping film. At the same time, the Shanghai Quality Supervision Department will also conduct a comprehensive spot check and sorting of the fresh-keeping film used in Shanghai supermarkets in the next step, and will carry out special rectification according to the investigation. "Whether PVC fresh-keeping film is harmful? How much pollution does it cause to food? These should be tested by authoritative testing departments. On the basis of a large number of investigations and evidence collection, the quality supervision department will draw a conclusion on the safety of PVC fresh-keeping film." Wujianye, head of the retail department of Shanghai Economic Commission, said that as early as a few years ago, there had been a debate about the harmful effects of PVC fresh-keeping film on human body. In this regard, the Commercial Commission at that time had conducted a special investigation on the use of PVC fresh-keeping film by a general plastic 500kg sensor in Shanghai supermarkets, and the results showed that the fresh-keeping film used in Shanghai supermarkets was basically safe. After the authoritative conclusion on the harmfulness of PVC fresh-keeping film, the Economic Commission will also promote enterprises to update. Supermarket: the attitude is different. Yi Chu lotus public relations department told Jun that the plastic wrap used in all cooked food of Yi Chu lotus is PE products, and the plastic wrap used in other vegetables and other products that are not directly imported are all products of domestic enterprises, which have passed the inspection of authoritative departments. According to the national regulations, the safety standard of PVC fresh-keeping film is the monomer chlorine content of 1mg/kg (chlorine content of 1 mg per kilogram). According to the quality inspection report of its fresh-keeping film manufacturer by Shanghai Institute of preventive medicine, the main part of its polyethylene universal experimental machine for PVC fresh-keeping film is composed of four guide columns, upper beams, middle beams and worktables. The vinyl chloride content of the floor frame is "undetected", which is lower than the minimum detection standard of 0.2mg/kg. In addition, all the household fresh-keeping film products sold by lotus in Yichu are safe PE fresh-keeping films. Xiang Jun said that although the harm to PVC fresh-keeping film has not yet been determined, so that the impact resistance of carbon fiber reinforced resin matrix composites is weaker than that of glass fiber and Kevlar fiber theory, Yi Chu lotus has decided to replace all PVC fresh-keeping films and use PE fresh-keeping films within this week. Songpeiming, head of the quality management department of Lianhua supermarket, said that as early as 2001, after participating in the investigation of PVC fresh-keeping film by the Commercial Commission, Lianhua Supermarket completely eliminated PVC fresh-keeping film and has been using PE safety film. The head of the public relations department of Carrefour headquarters said that Carrefour was investigating the preservative film materials of fresh food and was still waiting for the statement of the relevant authorities. Xu Jun, the head of Wal Mart public relations, said that the plastic wrap materials used by Wal Mart were all qualified materials in accordance with national regulations, but the specific type of plastic wrap was "inconvenient to disclose". Source: Oriental Morning Post

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