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PVC industry will enter the era of "giant" hegemony, domestic PVC flooring will gradually replace foreign brands

PVC industry will enter the era of "giant" hegemony

with the opening of China's PVC market, especially the joining of foreign capital and joint ventures, the market competition will be further heated, and the PVC industry will face a reshuffle. Increasing structural adjustment and realizing intensive management are the general trend of the development of PVC industrial production. After large-scale integration, the old, small and old production enterprises that have been fighting in the production and consumption fields for 30 years have been eliminated or merged and reorganized. Han Guangren said that around 2010, after mergers and acquisitions, there will be 1million ton/year "aircraft carrier" production enterprises in the PVC industry, and China's PVC industry will enter the era of "giants" competing for hegemony

domestic PVC flooring will gradually replace foreign brands

choose to build the experience Pavilion in the "Bohai Rim", and pay attention to the influence of this market in the Bohai Rim region. When asked whether he was worried that several mature ceramic tile brand experience halls around him would have an impact on the "world standard", Han Guangren confidently said that although plastic flooring is a new product, it has been widely sought after in foreign markets because of its good quality performance and high cost performance. Once the consumers in Tianjin have the opportunity to understand the many advantages of this new material, they will be recognized by consumers and invited excellent enterprise experts in relevant fields to exchange new ideas, new technologies and new products with the participants

"I believe that in the near future, domestic PVC flooring will gradually replace foreign brand flooring and become the preferred product in tooling and home decoration projects." Han Guangren said firmly

plastic flooring enters the home decoration market

as the only plastic flooring brand in the Bohai Rim building materials integrated home experience Pavilion, the emergence of the world standard flooring experience pavilion has attracted the attention of many people at present. It is not a composite floor or solid wood floor familiar to ordinary families, but a PVC plastic floor widely used in hospitals, schools, cinemas, kindergartens and other public places. Hanguangren, general manager of Tianjin Shibiao decorative building materials Co., Ltd., said that it was through this form that more consumers would know this new material

according to Han Guangren, PVC plastic flooring can be made into imitation marble, imitation wood, imitation carpet and other materials, and the effect can almost confuse the fake with the real. The rich colors can provide designers with full imagination. Sufficient wear resistance ensures its long service life, high strength makes it not damaged when subjected to a certain load, good water resistance and corrosion resistance make it used in many places, and its soft and elastic foot feel is more comfortable. More importantly, PVC plastic floor has excellent environmental protection, which can greatly reduce the air pollution caused by home decoration. Because of these advantages, its products began to enter the family more and more, especially becoming the first choice of children's room

domestic sheet flooring is booming, especially plastic flooring. The export volume is increasing year by year, but few flooring brands can be called as morning stars. In sharp contrast, the article written for this achievement in the latest issue of new scientists, a famous British popular science magazine, points out that foreign brands are still the protagonists in the production of the best-selling PVC flooring products. Han Guangren said that the world standard decoration company is the first and only one in China to make plastic flooring. In the home decoration in the south, the use of plastic flooring has become a trend, which also reflects the home decoration demands of consumers in pursuit of health, environmental protection and quality life. In the north, plastic flooring is also a new face in household floor decoration materials. Han Guangren said that the establishment of the experience hall can let more consumers know this new material, which is not only intuitive, but also can experience and feel, which is a good way to promote

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