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The PVC futures contract was listed for trading today. The benchmark price was 6300 yuan/ton

the Dalian Commodity Exchange issued a notice on May 22, confirming that the market competition on May 25 was just two kinds: the first batch of PVC futures contracts v0909, v0910, v0911, v0912, v1001, v1002, V1003, v1004, v1005 with products and services listed for trading, and the benchmark price was 6300 yuan/ton

according to Liu Dan of Xinhu futures, the current PVC spot market prices in East China, South China and North China are slightly different, but the overall market price is about 6350 yuan/ton - 6450 yuan/ton. Among them, the price of Vinyl PVC is still higher than that of calcium carbide PVC, and the price difference is about 100 yuan/ton. Therefore, the benchmark listing price of Dachang Institute is in line with the reality of the sample market such as spot unloaded steel strands

market analysts predict that at present, there are great differences on the future price of PVC in the spot market, and PVC contracts may face a fierce "long and short battle" on the day of listing and trading. On the one hand, in recent months, the influx of foreign goods sources, which have a certain advantage in price, has an impact on the domestic PVC market; On the other hand, the recent sustained high price of PVC has also mobilized the enthusiasm of upstream production enterprises. Enterprises that stopped production in the early stage or had a low operating rate started or increased their operating rate one after another because they installed extensometers or strain gauges on the standard tensile samples when they were in tension, so as to expand their profits, thus gradually increasing the supply of goods in the market, The interface on the universal experimental machine controller is one by one corresponding to the tight supply of goods, and the support will gradually weaken. In addition, the most important point is that downstream demand has not changed significantly in this round of rising market. The slowdown of internal and external demand determines that downstream enterprises are difficult to purchase and stock in large quantities

Liu Dan said that, like linear polyethylene (LLDPE), PVC, as a basic industrial product of the national economy, has an average output per month. "It is reasonable for the big commercial exchange to position the benchmark prices for nine months at the same value." In addition, at present, from the analysis of PVC market price fluctuations, may and June of each year belong to the rising period of the PVC industry price cycle (low inventory in the early stage and rising demand), "the low capital occupancy rate and expected rate of return make PVC an excellent investment variety."

according to the previous notice of Dachang exchange, the trading margin of PVC futures contract is tentatively set at 7% of the contract value at the initial stage of listing, the rise and fall limit range is tentatively set at 5% of the settlement price of the previous trading day, and the rise and fall limit range on the first day of listing of the new contract is 8% of the benchmark price of listing. The contract transaction fee is 6 yuan/hand, and the transaction fee of the same contract on the same day is 3 yuan/hand after opening and closing. From the date of listing to December 31, 2009, the average daily trading volume of members reached 800 hands per month, while the average monthly daily position reached 200 hands, and the handling fee of each contract transaction was reduced by 2 yuan; The average daily trading volume of members reaches 400 hands per month, and the average monthly daily position reaches 100 hands, with a reduction of 1.5 yuan per contract

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