The hottest PVC fair sale in eastern Guangdong

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Guangdong PVC bargain sale

all dealers have been indifferent to the sale of PVC prices up to now. The balance of market law has punished batch after batch of practical operators. Steadfast operators have designed a trap for those import operators who do not seek operating profits and seek financing channels. Strictly speaking, they cannot be called operators or speculators. They are completely historical sinners of PVC market prices

from June 30 to July 1, the PVC price in eastern Guangdong fell rapidly by 100 yuan/t again. The role played by big operators in the middle is really amazing. And importers and foreign business houses have ignored the great role of these dealers who hold the whole market and downstream factories. It can be said that bad fruits are also planted by foreign businesses. In the past two days, the weight, travel, speed and other parameters of L slider are different. The transaction price of s-100d in Shantou has fallen to 5000-5030 yuan/T, and that of Jieyang ls-100d traders with more than 50 tons has fallen to 5060-5100 yuan/T. The transaction price of entering the factory is 5150 yuan/T, and P must have an impact on the experimental results - 1 since this year, the transaction price of 000 to the factory is 5180 yuan/T, which is also more stringent. The transaction price of 266 in Thailand is 5100-5130 yuan/T. Fujian Shuanglian PVC is greatly affected and can only be sold into the factory at 5060-5070 yuan/T

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