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PVC cling film is suspected to be a health killer. Pay attention to distinguish when buying and using it

recently, reports on the carcinogenesis of PVC cling film in Japan and South Korea have been continuously seen on the Internet and television, but in the interview that it is suitable for a relatively large pull, it was found that Hong Kong and city residents know little about it, and they did not pay attention to distinguishing the raw materials of cling film when buying cling film

in recent years, plastic wrap has become a common commodity in life. In supermarkets, plastic wrap is used to pack vegetables and cooked food. Plastic wrap is also used to store food, especially in refrigerators and microwave ovens, but few people know the chemical composition of plastic wrap. Recently, a finance and Economics Bureau in Shanghai reported that PVC plastic wrap contains carcinogens, which are harmful to human body. "Due to being banned in China, Japan and South Korea have large PVC food preservative films, which will enter China when the interval between the two chucks changes", "at present, LG, Mitsubishi and Sanrong account for nearly 80% of the domestic market"

it is understood that there are mainly three kinds of fresh-keeping films in the market: PVC, PE and PVDC. PVC refers to PVC, PE refers to polyethylene, and PVDC refers to polyvinylidene chloride. The quality of PE film and PVDC film is relatively safe, while the plasticizer DEHA added to PVC fresh-keeping film is released after encountering oil and seeps into food, which will interfere with human endocrine after eating, endanger male reproductive system, and cause women's breast cancer, newborn congenital defects, and even mental diseases. Countries such as the United States, Western Europe, Japan and South Korea have already banned PVC safety film packaging of food

I visited several large supermarkets in Qinhuangdao. There are sevenoreight kinds of fresh-keeping film brands sold in the supermarkets. The outer packages of twoorthree brands such as miaojie are clearly marked with the sign of "PE", and some of them are also marked with the units that make up the host: the melting parts are clearly "without plasticizer", while other brands do not mark the raw material composition of the fresh-keeping film

asked at the vegetable and fruit counters of several supermarkets whether the raw material of fresh-keeping film for packaging cucumbers and tomatoes was PVC, and the staff answered "not very clear". I also interviewed several citizens who were shopping in supermarkets at random. When I heard that the raw materials of fresh-keeping film and the distinction between PE and PVC, several citizens were at a loss

source: Yanzhao Metropolis Daily

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