The hottest PVC imports fell in March

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PVC imports fell for three consecutive months

the latest PVC import and export data showed that the import volume of PVC (pure powder) in September was 72577 tons, down 16.78% month on month, which is the third consecutive month on month decline in PVC imports since July. Yuan Jing, a researcher at Galaxy futures, said that the decline in PVC imports was due to the rise in international PVC prices caused by the rise in crude oil prices, and imports are expected to decline further in October

the top three import regions of PVC pure powder in September were Japan, Taiwan and the United States, with import volumes of 25000 tons, 20300 tons and 17600 tons respectively, followed by Argentina, Thailand, South Korea and Indonesia. In September, the export of PVC (pure powder) was 56757 tons, with a month on month increase of 20.1% and a year-on-year increase of 92.9%. However, exports are still smaller than imports. Yuan Jing said that at present, the international spot price of PVC is $900/ton and the domestic spot price of PVC is $880/ton. It is expected that imports may be less than exports in October

the export of liquid caustic soda also increased month on month in September, with an export volume of 48100 tons, a significant increase month on month. However, compared with the first quarter of this year, it is still at a low level. Please take out the spare fuse and install it. Solid caustic soda exports decreased month on month, with an export volume of 55900 tons, a month on month decrease of 7.1%, but a year-on-year increase of 34.4%. The increase of liquid alkali export is related to the rise of external quotation

the experimental data can be saved, queried and invoked at any time. Analysts said that although the import and export situation of PVC has been improved to a certain extent, it is difficult to reduce the serious pressure of overcapacity. According to statistics, the new capacity of China's chlor alkali industry reached 2million tons in 2009. In addition to the phased success of Shandong innovation group and overcapacity, another pressure on the industry is the sharp decline in downstream demand. At present, the operating rate of production enterprises is very low, and only a few enterprises such as Zhongtai chemical, Xinjiang Tianye, and chlor alkali chemical can reach 80% according to our estimation of filling the waste paper gap. At present, PVC prices are at the bottom. The price depends on the downstream demand. It is expected that the domestic demand will not improve until March and April next year. Whether the price can be increased at that time will also consider the international PVC price

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