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The black market surrogacy industry was revealed in the industry: the price of artificial insemination ranged from 120000 to 200000

Chinese people are familiar with meeting each other and greeting each other, which most reflects their life entanglement. A long time ago, "have you eaten?" Undoubtedly, it is the most tangled care. Because of the material shortage, it is a blessing not to become a famine victim. Later, "have you studied abroad?" "Have you gone to sea?" "Divorced?" "Has the limit been raised?" "Have you bought a house?" Until now, "are you happy?"

in the middle, a hot greeting spanning 20 years is "pregnant?" Or, "do you have it?"

I was an idiot when I first heard it. "Pregnant?" It should not be the inquiry of the Chinese people, but the inquiry of some Caucasians. They are often as difficult to hold eggs as seahorses, and the Chinese people, as everyone knows, the total population of 1.3 billion is enough to interpret the top fertility of the nation

the problem is that although experts believe that "at present, there is no large sample survey in the country to confirm that the population with reproductive difficulties has an expanding trend." But in fact, the feeling tells us that there are indeed groping and wandering questions around us: "are you pregnant "Are you born?!" The tide theory in the streets and lanes crawls all over our eardrums like mites - "our previous generation was too easy to conceive. The alley is full of barefoot 'ah Ba tou' and 'ah Qi tou'. Now, why is it so difficult?!"

yes, why is it so difficult now? Once upon a time, the population of our nation has not exceeded 100 million in the past 3000 years. Even when the Tang Dynasty was prosperous and the Song Dynasty was prosperous, the population was 80 to 90 million

but the implantation of a species changed us. It is said that it was the proliferation of potatoes and sweet potatoes that made our total population easily exceed 100 million during the Kangxi period, and then ran all the way to the peak

will there be another miracle implantation, so that we can not only "grow continuously", but also "the total amount is appropriate"

(lead writer Hu zhanfen)

thirst for children

nature makes people happy. Let the easy be too easy, let the difficult be too difficult. Those people who are still hobbling along the long road of seeking children are performing life tragedies and comedies every day...

Chen Bing

are you happy? What is happiness

if the microphone is extended to a couple who are eager for children, they will tell you: happiness is having a baby

according to the worldwide infertility incidence rate of 10% - 15%, one in ten couples will encounter fertility disorders. This is a huge group. In addition to the "unfortunate" in the natural law, in Contemporary Chinese society, the reproductive difficulties caused by sub-health, environmental degradation, old age pregnancy, increased artificial abortion and other reasons caused by work pressure are also gradually growing

every family with reproductive difficulties has a bitter story

it was so difficult to have children

it was a stormy morning

a middle-aged woman with tears on her face knelt at the door of the consulting room and begged sadly, "I want a child, I want a child, and I can pay any price. Please!"

this beautiful woman surnamed Cai is a rich businessman in Wenzhou. She has a lot of houses, cars and tickets, but she doesn't have children. In order to have a good pregnancy, I have traveled to "characteristic" hospitals and "characteristic" clinics all over the country for many years. I have met many famous doctors, taken countless Chinese and Western medicines, tried countless painful operations, and finally I am still "empty in the stomach"

she said she would always remember that day. When she found an expert to ask for the last step of pregnancy - test tube baby, the gray haired and kind famous old expert looked at her with compassionate eyes: "you'd better not waste money. I know many obstetricians, and I'll let them help pay attention, and contact you to adopt one when there is a suitable abandoned baby."

she took a traditional Chinese medicine expert as the last straw and asked the old expert to help her with the mentality of being a live horse doctor. "Her condition is really terrible. Her fallopian tubes are seriously blocked, her uterus is completely deformed, and her ovarian function is low. People don't even give test tube babies. I also held a try attitude at that time, saying that I should treat it for 4 months first." Old Chinese medicine Yu Jin said

maybe sincere is the spirit, maybe the creator is also moved by the hardships and courage experienced by Ms. CAI. After six months of treatment, Ms. Cai miraculously became pregnant

but doctors are not creators after all, and they are unable to change the fact that the fertility of Chinese people has been declining in recent years, and the proportion of infertility among married people has been rising

Zhang Li and her husband Zhu Qiang live an enviable high-quality life. Zhang Li is a public relations manager of a fortune 500 company, and Zhu Qiang runs a trading company. From the beginning of dating, they made up their minds to be "iron Ding" who would not have children all their lives. Zhang Li was 28 years old when she got married, and her husband was 5 years older than her

it's been seven or eight years of being carefree and running around the world. I don't know from which day, Zhang Li suddenly found a fact: Zhu Qiang began to like children. "My husband's eyes follow every baby he sees, and he holds them up to coax and tease. He often talks about children intentionally or unintentionally. When he goes out to dinner, all his friends take children with them, and only the two of us shake our hands, which is a little uncomfortable. After a quarrel, he finally said, 'everyone has offspring, only I don't.' this scene stimulated me, and I began to shake. I hope what his eager eyes look at is My child is no longer someone else's doll. This shaking wow, like the old house on fire, it was burning hopelessly, and I found that I was so eager for children. "

however, it backfired. After a series of examinations, Zhang Li, 35, found that it was not so easy to have children. The doctor diagnosed that Zhang Li had serious hydrosalpinx on both sides

"What is hydrops? It's inflammation that causes the fallopian tube to be completely blocked and blocked, and the resulting bacterial effusion is stored in the fallopian tube, forming a big ball. The doctors who have seen it shook their heads. They don't need to shake their heads. I've already shaken my head down. I know this is basically equivalent to declaring that I have no hope of giving birth in this life. Because it's likely that in this case, the fallopian tube function has been destroyed, and even if it's OK, I can only do ostomy The recurrence rate of hydrops is also very high even for ostomy. The hydrops will flow back and destroy the internal environment of the uterus. Even if you make a test tube, it is extremely difficult to succeed. I still hold the last glimmer of hope, looking for experts to do ligation of fallopian tubes after stoma and test tube baby. As a result, the doctor refused. "

at the moment of hearing the doctor's sentence of "death penalty", Zhang Li was completely disillusioned. When she returned home, she filed for divorce with Zhu Qiang. "I don't want to carry this heavy burden. I sincerely hope he can find another good wife and pass on his offspring." Zhu Qiang resolutely rejected Zhang Li's proposal, so the two began a long pregnancy experience

I have eaten all kinds of folk and secret prescriptions, received injections, drank drugs, and had no results after all kinds of strange, embarrassing, heart wrenching examinations, operations, and treatments

Zhang Li was discouraged again, and Zhu Qiang said, "stick to it. If bowls of medicine go on, they will hope to rise one by one. Maybe one day, God can see and move, and then we will have children."

Zhang Li's mood gradually got out of control, depressed and desperate, irritable. Zhu Qiang was also gradually impatient, no longer so concerned, without so much comfort, both of them fell into the abyss of pain, and the hurtful and unpleasant words were also said, and the marriage was crumbling. Later, Zhu Qiang began to talk less, and began to go home late. After returning home, he also got on the computer and didn't go to bed until the second midnight. At first, no one said more. Everyone knows that the ship of marriage is running aground, and it is only a matter of time until the last step

"I used to think that having children was a small thing. I wanted to have children at any time, so I was calm. But when I learned that I had become an infertile patient, I aroused an unreachable but partial desire, and was burned out of reason by this desire."

long begging for children

"my experience in recent years at that time generally didn't dare to say it to people casually, because most people only take my situation as a conversation after dinner. It's difficult for people who haven't experienced it to understand. It's a pity for your expression, and it's hard to be obedient. So most of the time, when people ask, they harden their heads and say that they haven't played enough and don't want it." Zhang Li said that she particularly understood those sisters who suffered in every way in order to have children

Zhang Li suffered a lot in order to have children. After seeing a doctor with poor results in western medicine, Zhang Li also found Yu Jin, a famous traditional Chinese medicine, through a friend's introduction. "I didn't believe much in traditional Chinese medicine before. I even engaged in superstitious activities when I was most desperate, but I didn't expect to try traditional Chinese medicine in the past."

next, Zhang Li drank medicine according to the doctor's requirements, applied it to her abdomen, and did acupuncture, while casually measuring her basal body temperature and ovulation test paper. "This is something I've been used to doing in recent years. Before I open my eyes in the morning, my husband is bored to death when he hears the drip sound of my mouth temperature measurement. When I seriously think about XX, I say that time is not allowed, and it's time to rush all day long. My husband often complains that you think this is exercise. Just shout and stand at attention? When a large group of women who are difficult to conceive and have difficulty in childbearing get together every day, they exchange ovulation and body temperature, causing a group of husbands to get together Complain, roommates become military management projects, and you have to listen to the charge number to go to battle. " It is used in many fields such as diapers and contact lens manufacturing. After two months, menstruation still reports on time. Not only does it report on time, but also the menstrual volume and menstrual color are abnormal. Zhang Li knows that the medication in these years has caused serious endocrine disorders. "That month, the European Championship began, and the husband who was originally a fan had more reason to avoid me this time. He watched the ball all night and slept during the day. They hadn't seen each other for a long time and hadn't spoken. I made up my mind to divorce after the game was over. If I didn't agree, I would unilaterally appeal and leave. This cross is too heavy, physically, financially and mentally, and I can't stand it!"

It happened that one night, Zhang Li and Zhu Qiang went to see their college classmates. After some nostalgia, Zhang Li, who had been sober for many years in order to get pregnant, made an exception. Recalling the frivolity and romance of their youth, Zhu Qiang and Zhang Li were filled with emotion. After returning home, they went directly into the bedroom. And that day, just the day when Zhang Li's ovulation test paper was positive, a miracle happened

however, pregnancy is only the beginning, and the day of fetal protection is not easier than "making people". In the early stage of pregnancy, Zhang Li had to lie in bed to protect her fetus. Zhu Qiang dared not be careless any more, and even learned to inject progesterone into Zhang Li's muscles every day. Because progesterone is oily and not easy to absorb, Zhu Qiang couldn't find the place to inject the needle when he was three months old, and his buttocks full of needle eyes were already as hard as stones


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