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Uncover the Sany global spokesperson plan and see how the manufacturing industry plays with social media

reveal Sany global spokesperson. This is certainly an unrealistic plan. See how the manufacturing industry plays with social media

China Construction Machinery Information

Chinese enterprises go to sea strategic upgrading. In order to better let the world know China and the achievements of China's construction machinery industry, in addition to "going out", they can also "come in". In order to improve the overseas localization level of the brand, Sany group, in contrast to its overseas localization strategy, invited four people in the construction machinery industry worldwide to visit major cities in China for free, and conveyed to the world the architectural height, structure, length and artistic achievements of China's construction machinery in the past 20 years by witnessing China's ancient and modern architectural miracles

"In the past 20 years, 4. Our company has provided free training for equipment operators and maintenance personnel on operation essentials, maintenance common sense and mechanical and electrical principles. The history of Chinese engineering architecture is the history of Sany's mechanical equipment development. We have participated in many landmark and world-class buildings and projects, but these are rarely understood by the world. Sany hopes to show its Chinese characteristics on the international stage through this opportunity The confident demeanor of China's manufacturing industry. " Zhang Kai, the director of this global spokesperson activity, said

the whole trip is compact and full of surprises. "We are very confident to bring a new experience to the four guests." Hanzongliang, the planner of this event, said, "after the trip, the good memories left by China and sany for the guests will enable them to spontaneously form interpersonal communication, supplemented by other means of communication, which will form a very localized communication effect. This is our global spokesperson plan." It is reported that the Sany global spokesperson activity, hosted by the interactive marketing center, is an important part of Sany group's overseas brand localization communication strategy

the four lucky ones are composed of an agent from Europe, an industry expert from the United States, a photography artist, and a construction machinery industry. These four insiders are the first spokesmen in the plan. They will take a 7-day and 6-night trip in China to witness the miracle of Chinese engineering, and spontaneously broadcast the architectural miracle of Chinese construction machinery to the world through local interpersonal communication and Internet channels. Yesterday, the four spokesmen ended their last leg of the trip and embarked on their journey home. They sighed a lot along the way

"when I received the notice that I was invited to participate in this industrial tour, I couldn't believe my ears. I worked in the construction machinery industry in the United States for many years and always wanted to go to the Far East to see the industrial development there. Sany planned all the places I wanted to visit, which was a precious opportunity for me and my magazine to ensure the accuracy of full-scale speed control." Equipment world Chris Mr. Hill said in an email after learning that he could participate in the industrial tour

the interactive marketing center in charge of this event has planned three stations in Shanghai, Changsha and Beijing as lookouts for China's construction machinery industry. Seven days and six nights, four guests witnessed a high degree of miracle in Shanghai: Shanghai center; Art miracle: China Pavilion of the WorldExpo. Witnessed the miracle of Intelligent Manufacturing in Changsha: Plant No. 18, Sany; The Great Wall, the Forbidden City and the bird's nest have witnessed the wonders of ancient and modern Chinese architecture in Beijing

during the BMW exhibition, the temperature in Shanghai suddenly dropped by 10 degrees, but the cold weather still couldn't stop the guests' enthusiasm to visit the Sany booth. Mr. Hill, the editor in chief of "engineering machinery world", walked around the Sany booth one after another and kept taking photos. Some staff members couldn't bear to see Mr. Hill get wet, so they invited him to have a cup of coffee in the exhibition hall to warm up. But he refused. Mr. Hill said that the exhibition provided a valuable opportunity for the industry media to understand China and Asian construction machinery. Many readers were eager to see the cutting-edge content about China's construction machinery industry. Therefore, he had to take a lot of photos to meet the needs of readers. As the largest exhibitor of BMW, Sany naturally couldn't let go. Mr. Hill said to the staff while choosing the best angle

visit Sany booth of Shanghai BMW exhibition

in front of the WorldExpo venue built by SANY, looking at the majestic Chinese Art Palace, four guests were surprised and couldn't close their mouths, and excitedly took a group photo in front of the pavilion. During the tour, the four guests were fascinated by Chinese art and lingered in front of the oriental classical ink painting. The original two-hour trip was dragged to three hours before the guests arrived at the gathering place, saying "great!" "Impressive!" Later, the guests arrived in Changsha by high-speed rail and began a deep industrial tour

take a souvenir in front of the China Pavilion of the WorldExpo

this activity cooperates with the overseas localization strategy of Sany group brand. In order to achieve the best publicity effect, this activity is not only limited to the traditional communication channels, but also boldly uses Facebook, and adopts a combination of 360 degree VR live broadcast, real-time video and graphic reports to reach overseas audiences directly, giving overseas audiences a sense of live experience to the greatest extent. During the whole activity, Sany group maintained the number of Posts posted every day, making the exposure of the whole activity reach more than 5million, and the number of likes of many posts also reached 4000 or even more than 10000, far exceeding the competitors in the same industry. Facebook's publicity channels have opened a pioneering road worthy of reference for Sany's overseas localization strategy. At present, Sany group Facebook homepage is the homepage with the largest number of fans in the domestic construction machinery industry, with nearly 400000 followers

update the activity video in real time, with a considerable amount of playback

shoot the BMW exhibition live with 360 ° VR for the first time

live broadcast of beautiful women takes you to the Sany booth of BMW exhibition

global spokesperson interacts with Sany homepage

as the planner of this event, Han Zongliang from Sany group interactive marketing center shared some experiences about the successful communication effect:

"First of all, in determining the candidates, it is actually very difficult for us to choose which industry insiders to invite. On the one hand, there are too many applications submitted; on the other hand, we want to convey the voice of China and the confidence made in China to the world, so when selecting candidates, we should be representative and be able to speak to the world on behalf of Sany." "Finally, the whole industrial tourism team decided to choose countries with low brand exposure, such as Europe and the United States, to carry out this activity for the first time, in order to show the brand image of Sany self-confidence. In terms of candidates, we should focus on differentiation, which can more resonate with different audiences."

the four industrial tourists said that coming to China was a wonderful experience. The collision between Chinese classical culture and modern technology gave people infinite imagination. The feeling that this trip could bring was difficult to experience anywhere in the world

Charles Mr. inster is the chairman of yengst associate, a famous research institution in the American construction machinery industry. For this trip, His feelings are great: "Thank Sany very much for giving us this opportunity to travel. In fact, this is an unprecedented precious opportunity, not only for me, but also for our company. China's construction machinery market has always been a market we pay close attention to. This time, we can have a zero distance contact with Sany Heavy Industry, China's No. 1 construction machinery manufacturer, which undoubtedly provides an excellent research opportunity for our organization."

"I am Sany's agent in Europe. Please replace 1 stable normal power supply. For many years, Sany and I have maintained a good cooperative relationship. I heard that there is a rare travel opportunity this time, and I am very honored to visit China again. Sany has provided reliable support and services for our agents for many years, and I have always hoped to have the opportunity to visit Sany headquarters in person. This is a wish." Thomas, the German agent of Sany Europe, said

share overseas actual combat information on site

at the last stop in Beijing, four global spokesmen were invited to visit Sany headquarters and made a sharing report on overseas market development for Sany employees on site. The whole activity reached a climax in a warm atmosphere. The four global spokesmen formed a deep friendship with China and sany, and the global spokesperson activity came to a successful conclusion

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