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Zhengtong shares focus on industry demand "big data + artificial intelligence"

Zhengtong shares focus on industry demand "big data + artificial intelligence"

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original title: Zhengtong shares focus on industry demand "big data + artificial intelligence"

with the rapid development of the combination of Finance and technology, it puts forward higher requirements for financial risk prevention. Today, the regulatory technology has developed to the 3.0 stage, which is to use advanced technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence to truly realize the maintenance of financial security and the prevention of financial risks. This is the main field that Zhengtong Co., Ltd. is exploring

as the external data management unit of science and technology regulated by the CSRC, Zhengtong focuses on big data and artificial intelligence services, focuses on building an "industry data center", promotes IPO corporate portraits to the industry, and provides intelligent customer service integration solutions to support the risk control, precise marketing and efficient operation of the securities industry

"China's financial technology started late and has a weak foundation. Compared with leading countries, there is greater room for progress, but the application of Internet technology has developed rapidly. In the ecosystem of the integration of Internet technology and financial application scenarios, how to use big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies to prevent financial risks is a new topic that both regulatory and compliance sides need to explore." At the 2019 China AI financial Pathfinder summit held on September 27, Xiao Haidong, chief information officer of securities connect, said

Zhengtong shares power industry big data services

at present, cloud computing, process robot automation, artificial intelligence, big data and other financial technology (fintech) have become the hottest topics. The continuous progress of the innovation force has put forward new challenges for financial risk prevention, which should be checked and confirmed frequently: strengthen the compliance force and organically combine the development of "supervision side" and "compliance side". In this context, we should strengthen the application practice of regulatory technology, actively use big data, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and other technologies, and improve the ability to identify, prevent and resolve cross industry and cross market cross financial risks

one of the key points of the implementation of intelligent risk control is ABC architecture, which is a traditional AI architecture. There are also ABCD architecture with blockchain technology and ABCDE architecture with edge computing technology. Cloud computing provides the lowest level of support. Based on the big data platform, business engines or mid-range support are used to realize big data analysis, including data collection, unstructured data processing, service distribution, etc. in the artificial intelligence financial application scenario, the real concern is the implementation of the algorithm layer, perception layer and cognition layer, and the corresponding modules need to be built

"Zhengtong shares set up corresponding teams for key business modules, build business midrange, and output AI financial scene service capabilities. For example, natural language processing, financial document analysis, intelligent voice, entity portrait, associated account analysis, knowledge map, biological authentication and so on, there are corresponding scenes in the product market of Zhengtong shares." Xiao Haidong said

another focus is on data, because the regulatory compliance boundary puts forward high requirements for data collection and access, and it is necessary to complete relevant business output through technical means under the compliance framework and strictly abide by the compliance red line. In addition, within the scope of supervision, we should share data and identify risks through data analysis. The last is to supervise the implementation, which is not only to complete data acquisition and offline analysis, but also to use scientific and technological means for real-time monitoring

Xiao Haidong said that Zhengtong has made a lot of accumulation in big data governance and created a data management and control platform, including data sorting, data quality improvement, etc. As the external data management unit of science and technology supervised by the CSRC, Zhengtong shares comprehensively connects with authoritative data sources in the fields of intellectual property, justice, industry and commerce, finance, public opinion and so on, and provides high-quality data products for the industry. Data services are implemented in the aspects of correlation analysis, enterprise knowledge map, public opinion analysis, which is also the left-wing side that the foam granulator industry needs to work hard

Zhengtong shares focus on the practice of IPO enterprise portrait

the science and Innovation Board was officially established this year, which has become an important part of China's multi-level capital market system and injected new impetus into the development of emerging enterprises, especially high-tech enterprises. At present, there are few intelligent analysis tools in the field of risk assessment for IPO enterprises on the science and technology innovation board, and there is a lack of products with all-round enterprise portraits. The development of the science and technology innovation board market also has many uncertainties, which has created the complexity of the IPO mechanism of the science and technology innovation board. The industry has also put forward higher requirements for the risk identification ability of IPO enterprises. How to use big data to assist IPO audit has become a new problem that needs to be solved urgently

Xiao Haidong believes that at present, on the one hand, we need to deal with the regulatory requirements for the IPO listing of investment banks in the 12 articles of deepening reform, on the other hand, we need to improve the efficiency of the investment banking business in compliance risk control and due diligence. 1) high chemical stability rate of products and reduce labor costs, so as to avoid the investment loss of the sponsor company caused by false information and performance explosion of IPO enterprises to the greatest extent, and provide intelligence and Convenient IPO due diligence service support

ipo corporate portrait has a wide range of application scenarios. According to the system portrait, enterprises can be subject to differential treatment such as audit and verification, risk screening and identification, and risk early warning, so as to carry out risk assessment and intelligent auxiliary decision-making for enterprises and realize risk early warning; By inputting keywords such as enterprise name, we can quickly query enterprise industrial and commercial information, business information, intellectual property rights, administrative penalties, negative judicial and other risk information, as well as public opinion information, and realize functions such as enterprise relationship map display and enterprise relationship query through in-depth mining of enterprise relationship; Stick to the demand of credit pricing, integrate the data mart and technical resources of securities connect, and actively identify the relevant characteristics and risks of enterprises by using correlation analysis, big data and other technologies, so as to provide intelligent assistance for the credit pricing of securities companies; On the basis of aggregating multi-source heterogeneous data, the target enterprise is comprehensively characterized and multi-dimensional classified and marked to show the risk characteristics of the entity more richly and accurately; For the personnel of investment banking departments of securities institutions, provide data product services for IPO enterprises in the whole process of due diligence, submission to the meeting for approval, and issuance and listing, comprehensively, conveniently and timely access to various external data, reduce the repetitive manual labor of investment banking staff in information acquisition and inspection, and discover the potential risks and risk transmission factors in the operation and development of enterprises to be listed, Provide technical assistance tools for investment banking staff to conduct due diligence audit on the proposed IPO enterprises

securities connect focuses on the image of IPO enterprises. Through continuous iteration and updating in the connection with the customer business of securities firms and investment banks, it forms a product market in combination with different business application scenarios, and provides modular services for the seller's securities firms and investment banks. At the same time, it provides auxiliary investment analysis functions for the enterprises to be listed in combination with the buyer's institutional fund companies, insurance asset management companies, bank financial management subsidiaries, bank asset management businesses, etc. In the future, securities connect plans to build a full asset portrait product market, including the primary market and secondary market, to provide integrated services of data, technology and operation for the entire securities industry

Zhengtong shares promotes intelligent customer service integration solutions

entering the era of AI and big data, voice and image processing technology is becoming more and more mature, and voice interaction technology is gradually adopted in various fields to improve user experience and service quality. In particular, compared with the traditional financial industry, through intelligent voice driven business innovation, relying on AI technology to achieve man-machine dialogue, increase the work capacity of industry institutions, reduce operating costs, and improve user experience

on the one hand, Zhengtong plans an efficient and easy-to-use intelligent voice closed-loop solution, deeply cultivates core AI technologies such as voice in-depth training and voiceprint recognition, and builds a unified voice service management platform, driving intelligent application scenarios in various scenarios such as video account opening, outbound call return visit, customer service quality inspection, etc. Through one-time construction and one-stop management, the reusable and highly responsive intelligent voice capability of business systems in various channels within financial institutions is enabled, which not only reduces costs and improves efficiency for Industry institutions, but also avoids chimney like repeated investment

on the other hand, securities connect and Shanghai stock exchange technology company jointly build an intelligent outbound call cloud platform with industry credibility based on the industry cloud platform of Shanghai Stock Exchange Technology Company and the core competence of intelligent voice of securities connect, so as to provide intelligent outbound call cloud services for securities industry institutions

at the same time, we should comprehensively use the intelligent voice closed-loop solution, combined with advanced technical means such as image recognition, neural network algorithm and deep learning, comprehensively improve the experience of key application scenarios such as KYC, help the transition of risk prevention and control from traditional post audit to real-time dynamic monitoring, from fence isolation to related risk intelligent analysis, and enable the securities industry to improve the ability of financial services to the real economy, investors and risk management and control

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