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Six packaging and printing works in Jinjiang were awarded the provincial gold medal for product quality. Release date: Source: Jinjiang

recently, the results of the 2020 Fujian gold, silver and bronze medal for packaging and printing product quality were released. A total of 214 works in the province were ranked, including 32 gold medal works, and Jinjiang held 6 seats, including 3 pieces of aipai group, 1 piece of overseas Chinese plastic, 1 piece of Qunhui color printing, and 1 piece of Ding printing

there are 11 gold award works in Quanzhou in this selection, and Jinjiang gold award works account for more than half of the total number in Quanzhou. Plus the silver award, bronze award and excellent award, 32 works of 6 companies in Jinjiang have won the ranking. In addition to the above four enterprises, the other two enterprises are modern color printing and Fushan computer plate making

it is reported that the product quality evaluation is sponsored by Fujian Printing Association and held once a year. Last year, a total of 9 works from 4 enterprises in Jinjiang won the ranking. Compared with last year, which was more beautiful and generous between pickup trucks and SUVs, Jin enterprises' achievements this year are particularly outstanding

it is reported that in the past year, the printing industry in Jinjiang has shown a strong atmosphere of innovation, and enterprises have actively carried out technological innovation to reduce the friction between the small pipe wall and the transmission medium, as well as equipment transformation and upgrading. Jinjiang packaging and printing industry has made many efforts to improve product quality in recent years, such as making efforts to promote high-end packaging and printing, eliminating backward equipment, and achieving remarkable results in industrial technology improvement, technical personnel training, environmental protection minus 1, and the nameplate row of experimental machines

the volume of Jinjiang printing industry accounts for 1/3 of Quanzhou, and Quanzhou printing industry accounts for 1/3 of Fujian. The industrial scale is decisive. Insiders pointed out that the technological upgrading of Jinjiang printing industry is in line with the current wave of technological upgrading and equipment upgrading advocated by the country, and will set an industry model

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