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Six people including the chairman of Jiangsu Dewei coatings were arrested for environmental protection issues

six people including the chairman of Jiangsu Dewei coatings were arrested for environmental protection issues

July 13, 2018

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recently, Li faming, the chairman of Jiangsu Dewei coatings, Huang Changsheng, the vice president, Xu Zhengxing, the deputy manager, Cai Jian, the assistant manager, Qian Haitao, the manager of the safety and environment department, and Shi Jian, the security team leader, were arrested for improper wastewater treatment. According to in-depth understanding, Jiangsu Dewei coating wastewater treatment business was handed over to a third party for treatment, but the wastewater treatment enterprise did not completely and effectively treat it in the process of treatment, but directly dumped part of the wastewater into the fertilizer pool of surrounding schools, resulting in a large amount of wastewater overflowing and being reported. The central environmental protection supervision team conducted an in-depth investigation and found that the dumped wastewater came from Jiangsu Dewei coating Co., Ltd, And the third-party wastewater treatment enterprise has no wastewater treatment qualification. After investigation and evidence collection by the relevant environmental protection department, the relevant person in charge of Jiangsu Dewei coating was treated according to law

today, with the high pressure of national environmental protection, many chemical enterprises are facing similar problems. From the perspective of enterprises themselves, they are certainly willing to carry out comprehensive and thorough "three wastes" treatment. However, according to insiders, the cost of a wastewater treatment device is not cheap. For small and medium-sized coating enterprises, this is a big expense, and many enterprises are unable to afford it. Therefore, many enterprises choose to contract the wastewater treatment business to a third party

many coating enterprises believe that as long as the wastewater treatment business is outsourced, even if the treatment is improper, it will not have anything to do with themselves. However, the incident of Jiangsu Dewei coating tells us that if a third party is entrusted to carry out wastewater treatment, the third party enterprise has illegal acts in the wastewater treatment process, and the entrusting unit is also "culpable". Especially during the period when the central environmental protection supervision team "cracked down" on chemical enterprises in the Yangtze River basin where hydron brand elastomer can be used in a wide range, in order to survive in the fierce market competition as soon as possible, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other riverside provinces have entered an unprecedented "first-class war preparation", and the degree of strictness is beyond everyone's imagination. A thorough investigation will be carried out on illegal chemical enterprises

it is also understood that Jiangsu Dewei coating is the absolute leading enterprise of domestic water-based container coating. In 2017, the annual sales exceeded 2billion yuan, accounting for the first in the container industry. By the end of 2017, Jiangsu Dewei coating had injected the equity and assets of the company where the graphite resources are located into the listed company when conditions are available in the water-based container industry, accounting for 45%

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