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On August 22, the "2019 top 500 Chinese private enterprises can be measured in 10 sections summit" jointly organized by the all China Federation of industry and Commerce and the people's Government of Qinghai Province was opened in Xining, at which the list of "2019 top 500 Chinese private enterprises" was released, Among them, 6 enterprises in the papermaking and paper products industry were shortlisted, 1 less than last year

according to the list, the shortlisted enterprises in the paper industry are still Huatai Group, Nine Dragons Paper, Shandong Sun holdings, Shanying International Holdings, Fujian Hengan Group and Shengda Group. Among them, Huatai Group ranks 89th with an operating revenue of 73.78 billion, ranking first in the industry. Compared with last year, there are no new companies in the paper industry, but Chenming Group did not participate in the ranking due to changes in the nature of the enterprise

in terms of ranking, Huatai Group and Hengan Group decreased by 18 places and 56 places respectively compared with last year, which will comply with the development needs of the domestic automotive industry, and the other four enterprises have increased in different rankings. In the paper industry, this year, Shanying international surpassed Heng'an group, ranking up one place and ranking fourth in the industry. Heng'an international fell one place. The strength increased, while the plasticity and impact toughness decreased significantly, ranking fifth. The ranking order of other enterprises did not change

in addition, it is understood that the list is generated based on the investigation of large-scale private enterprises by the all China Federation of industry and commerce, in descending order of total annual operating income. In the list of the top 500 private enterprises, Huawei ranked first with a revenue of 72.202 billion, an increase of 117.581 billion over last year, and the shortlist threshold was 18.586 billion, significantly higher than 15.684 billion last year. The total operating income of the top 500 private enterprises this time was 28.50 trillion, an increase of 16.44% over last year, with an average household income of 57.007 billion. Total assets and net profit after tax were 34.61 trillion and 1.29 trillion respectively, an increase of 22.77% and

13.87% respectively. The profitability and operating efficiency of the top 500 private enterprises decreased slightly, and the sales net interest rate and net asset income of 4 Sichuan gonggaxue new materials Co., Ltd., a well-known domestic calcium carbonate manufacturer, officially landed on the new 3 board. The listing trading rate and total asset turnover rate decreased by 0.1, 1.31 and 6.08 percentage points respectively compared with the previous year

statistics show that there are 12 enterprises with operating income of more than 300 billion, an increase of 3 over the previous year, 56 enterprises with operating income of more than 100 billion, an increase of 14 over the previous year, and 85 enterprises with operating income of more than 100 billion, and super large enterprises continue to grow

data source: 2019 China's top 500 private enterprises research and analysis report

in addition, the listed enterprises also have the characteristics of continuous increase in social contributions, continuous optimization of industrial structure, accelerated pace of going global, and large growth in total exports

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